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VB.NET Imaging - How to Zoom Web Image

Guide and Example for Zooming Web Images in VB.NET Web Doc Viewer

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Imaging Web Viewer Overview
.NET, VB.NET Image SDK includes various image processing libraries with which you can build an advanced web viewer for images and documents viewing using Visual Basic .NET programming language. This web viewer is developed with an easy to use graphical user interface, though which VB programmers can view and edit various images and documents by simple button clicks. Supported formats include png, jpeg, gif, tiff & bmp image formats, and also some file types like PDF and multi-page TIFF document.
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VB.NET Web Image Zooming Overview
This mature VB.NET web viewer can be easily integrated into your ASP.NET web application, so that you can view your documents and images better in your browser by image zooming in & zooming out, fitting image / doc to web viewer window width, and viewing the whole picture / file with web viewer. All the previously mentioned processing functions can be easily achieved by clicking corresponding buttons on VB.NET project web document viewer.
This guiding page will demonstrate how to zoom your local image or picture with RasterEdge VB.NET web viewer through the following aspects. You can go to respective sections for more information:
  • How to zoom in images / documents with web viewer in VB.NET imaging project
  • How to zoom out images / documents with web viewer in VB.NET imaging program
  • How to fit the current image / document to the VB.NET web viewer width
  • How to view the entire image / document page with Visual Basic .NET web viewer
  • How to restore target image / document page to the original size in the web viewer
RasterEdge Visual Basic .NET web viewer for image and document provides some more processing features besides image & document zooming functionality, and you can also:
Use JavaScript APIs to Zoom Web Image
This part is of paramount importance for zooming web image and document page by using our web image viewer. In following subtitles, contents displayed before the dash are the demo JavaScript APIs on zooming web image and the latter are their corresponding interpretations.

ZoomIn - Zoom In Web Image for VB.NET Web Doc Viewer

The image & document zooming in feature of VB web doc viewer allows users to enlarge online image or document page in display to a greater size so you can view the image or text better. In order to do this, users only have to click the "zooming in" button listed on the control bar of the VB.NET web doc viewer. Currently we support zooming the picture / file to 100% to 1000% on ASP.NET web document image viewer.

ZoomOut - Zoom Out Web Image for VB.NET Web Doc Viewer

Contrary to the image & doc zooming in feature in VB.NET web project, this "zooming out" functionality allows VB developers to easily reduce the size of web image or document file being displayed with HTML5 web viewer. Right now you can freely zoom out your images, pictures or documents from 100% to 10% of the original size.

btnFitWidth - Fit Image to VB.NET Web Doc Viewer Width

This feature allows you to fit online image or document page in display to the width of the Visual Basic .NET web viewer window width. By simply clicking a single button that binds with JavaScript API btnFitWidth, you can easily control the current page to fit to the web viewer width.

btnBestFit - View Whole Image on VB.NET Web Doc Viewer

What if you want to view the whole image or document page online? RasterEdge VB.NET web viewer has provided you with JavaScript API btnBestFit, which can enable you to view the whole image (png, jpeg, gif, tiff and bmp) or document (PDF, multi-page TIFF, etc) page in full display.

btnOneToOne - View Web Image in Original Size

If you want to view your document file or image with its original size in ASP.NET web application, you can simply use btnOneToOne API to create button's onclick event in your VB.NET project web doc viewer. By clicking on the button, any doc or picture in view will restore to its original size instantly.

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