Offer Discounts to Regular Customers and Special Orders for Our Licenses

Home > Purchase > Discount provides professional, competitive and affordable products to customers. To provide better service to you, we also offer some discounts here! You may see details as below.
For Regular Customer
If you are already our customer and want to make an order for our product, then we will consider giving you some discounts on new orders. And the price will depend on your ordered product license(s), as well as the request for new licensing. To know detailed discount for your new order, please send email to us and provide the following details.

* The new order details, including product name(s), license type(s) and amount.
* The previous order(s) details, including product name(s), license type(s), amount, order date and the person (email) who made this order. It would be appreciated if you give us the official invoice of your order(s).

After confirming the informations provided, we will send you an email that contains price(s) at a discount and the online order link for new licensing. To help put throught the order, please do provide the above details correctly. Thanks!
Discount on Multi-product order
For multi-product purchase, a discount may be applicable. Please contact us at
For 21+ Licenses Order
Need more than 20 SDK/Developer Licenses or Server Licenses? If so, we can still offer some discounts. If you want to order 21+ SDK/Developer Licenses, each would be 25% of its original price. As for Server License, 21+ licenses would be 50% of its original price. Now, we do not provide option for Unlimited Developer/Server License on purchase page. But if you do have this request, please directly send email to

In addition, 2-20 SDK/Developer Licenses are also discounted, most commonly 50% of the first license. To see more details, please refer to Purchase Online.
For Renewal & Update
To obtain free updates (new feature or fix releases) and priority support beyond free maintainance, you are suggested to make an order for our Software Renewal & Update Subscription. And the price of it is 30% of the current product licensing. Interested? Please click to see more Renewal & Update details.