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Explainations and Tips for RasterEdge Provided License Types

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As for ordering RasterEdge products, two license types are offered. One is SDK License (also mentioned as Developer License on this website) and the other is Server License. In the following part, we will give detailed explainations and tips for these two supportive license types. At the very beginning, you should know the following aspects.
* Each product listed on purchase page can perform standalone functions. So, you can order provided licenses respectively.
* If your application that is compiled with RasterEdge product(s) needs unlimited desktop deployment, then SDK License should be ordered only. If your application is server based (server deployment), then both SDK and Server Licenses need to be ordered.

SDK License
For each company that uses RasterEdge product(s) in application needs to order an SDK License. Each SDK License grants One Specific Developer to develop an unlimited number of single-user client applications deployed to an unlimited number of clients desktop PC's.

* Each additional developer requires a SDK License as well.

* Licenses are non-transferable between Developers. For instance, if two developers in a company will use the product(s), two SDK Licenses need to be purchased. This is the case even if the developers will not be working with the product(s) at the same time. This is also the case if a project involving the use of the product(s) is transferred from the original developer to a new developer.

* Among all listed products on purchase page, HTML5 Document Viewer has no SDK License and only Server License is required to purchase.
Server License
For each server that uses RasterEdge product(s) in a web application needs to purchase a Server License. That is to say, Server License is required when deploying a server or web application.

* Each Server License can be used for one server.

* A "Server" shall mean a computer system, a non-user physical or Virtual computer that multiple users access or make use of, including but not limited to, terminal servers, file servers, application servers or web servers.

* Among all listed products on purchase page, Twain SDK has no Server License and only SDK License is necessary to be purchased.
Please Note:
1. Before you make any order for RasterEdge product, please firstly take an look at our License Agreement.
2. also provides OEM License. To know more details or make an order, please contact us via email.