Code 39 Web Server Control for ASP.NET

Quality ASP.NET Control for printing Code 39 and extended Code 39

Barcode for ASP.NET
.NET Imaging Component
Code 39 ASP.NET Web Server Control is a Code 39 and extended Code 39 barcode image generator for web forms. The web control is also used in ASP.NET document viewer SDK to integrate Code 39 barcodes into web pages and web applications. Code 39 images could be streamed into web pages included html and pages using image tag. You can also customize the generator using C#.NET or VB.NET before you print Code 39. Pixel-base Code 39 printing are supported.
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Code 39, also written in Code 3 of 9 or Code 3/9, is a linear barcode encoding numbers 0 through 9 and uppercase-letters A through Z. Special characters including -, ., $, /, +, %, and space could also be carried in Code 39 symbol as data characters. To ensure the integrity of data in each Code 39 symbol, a modulo 43 of the sum of the data characters' numerical values is mandatory as described in Code 39 specification. The start and stop codes are not included in the calculation.
Benefits of Code 39 Web Server Control
Code 39 Generation using Code 39 Web Server Control
Before using Code 39 Web Server Control in Visual Studio, please complete installation and add Code 39 Web Server Control as project reference.

Code 39 Web Server Control in C#.NET IDEs

Please install Code 39 Web Server Control, and then refer to C#.NET Integration.

Code 39 Web Server Control using VB.NET

Please navigate VB.NET integration after control installation.
Code 39 Web Server Control in IIS (without using Visual Studio)