EAN-13 Web Server Control for ASP.NET

Quality Server Control that print EAN-13 and extended EAN-13 for Web forms

Barcode for ASP.NET
.NET Imaging Component
EAN-13 Generator for ASP.NET is a child control of barcode server control. Barcode image creating inside PDF, docx document is one of the key features in Document Viewer in ASP.NET Control. The EAN-13 Web Server Control for ASP.NET generates barcode EAN-13 for ASP.NET Web Forms pages. It could also be used to display EAN-13 on HTML pages. Installed EAN-13 Web Server Control in ASP.NET Web Forms could emit HTML makeup that displays high quality EAN-13 graphic images. Gif, Png, and Jpeg image formats are supported.
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EAN-13 is used world-widely in supply chain management (SCM) for trade item identification. EAN-13 labels are placed on almost every product on the shelves of your local supermarket. Some variation of EAN-13, such as ISBN and ISSN, are used for publication item identification.
Benefits of EAN-13 Web Server Control
EAN-13 Generation using EAN-13 Web Server Control
Before using EAN-13 Web Server Control in Visual Studio, please complete EAN-13 Web Server Control Setup in Visual Studio.

EAN-13 Web Server Control in C#.NET IDEs

EAN-13 Web Server Control in VB.NET IDEs

EAN-13 Web Server Control in IIS (without using Visual Studio)