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Using C#.NET, PDF-417 in Gif, Png, or Jpg graphic image could be generated easily in windows and web applications in .NET. The size of the PDF-417 could be customized easily. To save printing space, you can also print truncated PDF-417. You can also make structure appended PDF-417 that is compatible with GS1 specification.
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PDF-417 is a stacked barcode, which is made up by rows and columns module bars. It encodes data including text, byte, as well as numeric data.
PDF-417 in C#.NET - Overview
PDF-417 Generation - Sample Code in Visual C# .NET
using RasterEdge.Barcode.Bean;

//Create BarCode object in C#
BarCode pdf417= new BarCode();

//Set barcode symbology type to PDF 417
pdf417. Symbology = Symbology. PDF417;

//Set PDF 417 encoding valid input: All ASCII characters, including 0-9, A-Z, a-z, special
characters like dash, dollar, percentage, space, point, slash, plus, etc. Length: variable.

pdf417.CodeToEncode = "C#PDF417Generator";
pdf417.PDF417RowCount = 3;
pdf417.PDF417ColumnCount = 5;
pdf417.PDF417DataMode = PDF417DataMode.Auto // Data mode, Auto, Byte, Numeric,Text supported

//Set PDF 417 image size

pdf417.BarcodeUnit = BarcodeUnit.Pixel; // Unit of measure, pixel, cm and inch supported.
pdf417.DPI = 72; // PDF 417 image resolution in dpi
pdf417.X = 3; // PDF 417 bar module width (X Dimension)
pdf417.PDF417XtoYRatio = 0.3f // PDF 417 bar width vs bar height
pdf417.LeftMargin = 0; // Image left margin size, minimum value is 4X.
pdf417.RightMargin = 0; // Image right margin size, minimum value is 4X.
pdf417.TopMargin = 0; // Image top margin size, minimum value is 4X.
pdf417.BottomMargin = 0; // Image bottom margin size, minimum value is 4X.
pdf417.Orientation = Orientation.Degree0; // Orientation, 90, 180, 270 degrees supported.

//Set PDF 417 human readable text style

pdf417.DisplayText = true; // Display human readable text
pdf417.TextFont = new Font("Arial", 10f, FontStyle.Regular);
pdf417.TextMargin = 6; // Space between barcode and text

//Generate PDF 417 barcodes in image format GIF

//Create PDF 417 barcodes in Stream object
pdf417.generateBarcodeToStream(".NET System.IO.Stream Object");

//Draw & Print PDF 417 barcodes to Graphics object
pdf417.generateBarcodeToGraphics(".NET System.Drawing.Graphics Object");

//Generate PDF 417 barcodes & write to byte[]
byte[] barcodeInBytes = pdf417.generateBarcodeToByteArray();

//Generate PDF 417 barcodes & encode to System.Drawing.Bitmap object
Bitmap barcodeInBitmap = pdf417.generateBarcodeToBitmap();

Other image formats including PNG, BMP, TIFF and JPG are also available to suit your needs.