RasterEdge .NET Image SDK - Form Processing & Recognition

Powerful Form Processing & Recognition Technology Available for .NET Framework

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Form Processing SDK designed by RasterEdge is a form processing and recognition SDK for classifying, aligning forms to match known template and read marks, and for optical mark recognition within the .NET Framework. Automatically Batch form images registration, recognition and processing are also supported within this Form Processing technology.
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Seamlessly integrated into RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK, Form Processing technology embeds powerful forms recognition technology for .NET, WPF, and web developers and provides comprehensive tutorials for different programming language developers, such as Visual C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, J#, Delphi...
Features and Benefits
  • Efficient, accurate form recognition and processing SDK for .NET
  • Simple to be used in single or multi-thread applications
  • Compatible with 32 and 64 bit binaries for forms recognition and processing
  • Include flexible form recognition and processing APIs
  • Easy to detect Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) text, image & custom fields on each form
  • Quickly identify and extract text regardless of resolution, scale and more
  • Advanced Document clean-up and image pre-processing provided
  • Can be work with OCR engine to enhance zonal OCR accuracy
  • Low memory usage & save final results as XML files or other formats in a database
  • Automatic identification, no need for registration or anchor marks
  • Support for 30+ formats supported by .NET Imaging SDK
  • Ability to perform with RasterEdge Twain scanning SDK
  • Royalty-free with purchased developer license
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License and Pricing
RasterEdge provides royalty-free .NET Imaging Form Processing SDK of purchased developer license for server- or desktop- deployment. Here is a detailed description:
Please see product license and price details on page Purchase Product License.