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Integrate Various Feasible Document Imaging Features into .NET Applications

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Document Imaging SDK
SDK and Add-ons

RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is designed to offer smart and professional imaging toolkits for customers to make your business easier and more unique. This .NET Document Imaging SDK contains high usability features & functions to suit all your document imaging requirements. Besides, all document and image manipulations with RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK are compatible with the industry standards.
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The following parts list the features offered in RasterEdge .NET Core Image SDK and Add-on Components. Here's the quick navigation.

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Feature - Document/Image Viewing, Searching and Printing
The orignal document stays intact and safe and only high quality imaging files can be generated and transmitted over the network for displaying purpose
ASP.NET Web and WinForms document imaging controls are easy to integrate into ASP.NET web and .NET Windows Forms applications
Flexible document file navigation with thumbnail preview support
High fidelity displaying of TIFF, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Dicom, and images
Display document image in raster image formats with flexible displaying parameters controling resolution and size
Convert document to svg files which can be directly viewed by web browsers, and retain hi-fi diplay when zoomed
Quick to switch mode of view between raster images or SVG in web document imaging control
Zoom, pan, or select document page with mouse to fit width, height, or both
Support reliable document saving and printing, like office document to PDF or TIFF file
Enables users to search text in the document, supporting switch of case-sensitive and whole-word-only search options
Feature - Document/Image Annotation Support
ASP.NET Web and WinForms controls support annotations on documents and images
Draw an arbitrary number of annotation objects to image or document, which can be saved in native file format using native drawing method
GDI+ graphics allows any object to be rendered at variable transparency
Annotation objects can be moved, resized, and rotated independently from image or document
Various properties can be set when creating an annotation object, like the shape of annotation object
Annotation can be rotated along with image in 90 degree increments
Individual points from annotations supporting points (Freehand, Polygon, etc.) can be repositioned
Annotation can be burned onto image with a single method
Allow to input/output annotation from/to a separate XML file
Use annotation of embedded image, text or rubber stamp to add watermark onto PDF or TIFF file page
Support rendering annotation object to REImage for further operation
Feature - Document/Image Conversion Support
Support converting(printing) commonly used documents, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF and Dicom, to TIFF and PDF file formats
Support converting document to various raster images like PNG, JPEG, BMP, and GIF
Enable to render and convert document to vector images, like SVG and XPS
Convert specified page in document to image file
Allow conversion between supportive raster image formats
Above conversion functions are integrated in ASP.NET Web and WinForms controls
Feature - Document/Image Processing Support
Perform operations on existing REImage object to create a new REImage object
Perform rich processing on images with multiple components, like color images
Perform visual effects on images, like mosaic or beveling
Perform mathematical filtering, like high or low pass filtering
Perform coordinate transforms or depth transforms, like rotate or ripple
Feature - Document/Image Metadata Support
Support several metadata types, including EXIF tags, IIM(IPTC), XMP data, and TIFF Tags
Allow viewing and manipulating of metadata stored in an image
Allow storing metadata information in a database
Support building a metadata viewer application
Enable users to add metadata in the form of EXIF, IPTC, XMP, or COM marker
Feature - Image Codec and Compression
JBIG2, JPEG 2000, and DICOM codecs support
LZW, Packbits, Deflate, G3/G4, RLE, JPEG compression type for TIFF Compression
Tiled TIFF decoding and encoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) decoding
Support for TIFF Type 6 (OJPEG) encoding
Image only PDF encoding support
Feature - Image Color Management
Support major color spaces: CMYK, RGB, ICCBased, Indexed Color, GrayScale, Lab, etc.
Support 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit colormapped
Support 8-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale w/alpha, 24-bit RGB, 32-bit RGBA, and 32-bit RGB
Support 32-bit CMYK
Support 16-bit grayscale, 48-bit RGB, and 64-bit RGBA a
Feature - Add-on Components
Twain Add-on: Support fast Twain scanning for capturing digital images from scanners, cameras & other Twain devices
OCR Add-on: Support Google baseed Tesseract OCR Engine for accurate characters recognition in a scanned document or image
Barcode Reader Add-on: Able to decode and read 20+ barcode types from document and image
Barcode Creator Add-on: Able to generate and draw linear, postal & 2D barcodes on document and image
JBIG2 Codec Add-on: Capable of decoding and encoding JBIG2 image with lossless or lossy compression
JPEG 2000 Codec Add-on: Capable of decoding and encoding JPEG 2000 image using wavelet compression technology