pdf viewer in asp.net c# : Adding images to pdf application Library utility azure .net asp.net visual studio Alt.%20Media%20EBook%20Readers%20Manual%20with%20Pwr.%20Pt.4-part99

ezPDF Reader 
PDF reader, annotate, TTS 
Voice Dream 
PDF, ePub, Word, TXT, TTS 
Dropbox & Google drive compatible 
TTS book reader 
ePub, doc 
Dropbox & Google drive compatible 
PDF Reader available for Mac 
Adding images to pdf - insert images into PDF in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Sample C# code to add image, picture, logo or digital photo into PDF document page using PDF page editor control
how to add a jpeg to a pdf; adding an image to a pdf in preview
Adding images to pdf - VB.NET PDF insert image library: insert images into PDF in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Guide VB.NET Programmers How to Add Images in PDF Document
add signature image to pdf; how to add image to pdf
ezPDF Reader 
PDF reader, annotate, TTS 
ePub and PDF reader 
Has TTS plug-in 
Moon+ Reader Pro 
Supports TXT, HTML, EPUB,  
Control color, line spacing, font 
size, orientation, TTS 
VB.NET PDF Library SDK to view, edit, convert, process PDF file
Feel free to define text or images on PDF document and extract accordingly. Capable of adding PDF file navigation features to your VB.NET program.
add picture to pdf in preview; adding an image to a pdf
VB.NET PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in vb.
Support adding PDF page number. Offer PDF page break inserting function. DLLs for Adding Page into PDF Document in VB.NET Class. Add necessary references:
add image to pdf acrobat; adding images to pdf forms
Full-text/Full-audio DAISY player 
Supports DAISY 2.02 & 3 formats 
VOD (Voice of DAISY) 
Full-text/Full-audio DAISY 2.02 
Learning Ally & Bookshare 
DAISY Players–iOS 
C# PDF Page Insert Library: insert pages into PDF file in C#.net
By using reliable APIs, C# programmers are capable of adding and inserting (empty) PDF page or pages from various file formats, such as PDF, Tiff, Word, Excel
add image to pdf in preview; add photo to pdf form
C# PDF insert text Library: insert text into PDF content in C#.net
Supports adding text to PDF in preview without adobe reader installed in ASP.NET. Powerful .NET PDF edit control allows modify existing scanned PDF text.
how to add an image to a pdf in preview; attach image to pdf form
DAISY Players–Android 
Go Read 
Open Reader 
DAISY 2.02 and ePub 
Darwin DAISY Reader  
Control font, background color, 
voice speed, punctuation speech 
DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3.0 
VB.NET Image: How to Draw Annotation on Doc Images with Image SDK
to mark and annotate your local images (such as page TIFF, Microsoft Office Word and PDF file other image annotating tutorials besides adding annotation using VB
acrobat insert image in pdf; add photo to pdf
VB.NET Image: Adding Line Annotation to Images with VB.NET Doc
NET full sample codes for printing line annotation on images. VB.NET Image Line Annotation Overview. Mature image processing library for adding line annotation
add photo to pdf file; add an image to a pdf form
Synchronizes text with audio 
Cloud-based, access notes from 
different platforms 
Audio & notes synchronized 
Handwriting, drawing, keyboard, 
Web clipping, annotate PDFs 
C# PDF Library SDK to view, edit, convert, process PDF file for C#
Support protecting PDF file by adding password and digital signatures with C# sample code in .NET Class. Feel free to define text or images on PDF document and
how to add an image to a pdf; add jpg to pdf acrobat
VB.NET PDF insert text library: insert text into PDF content in vb
VB.NET PDF - Insert Text to PDF Document in VB.NET. Providing Demo Code for Adding and Inserting Text to PDF File Page in VB.NET Program.
add photo to pdf preview; how to add picture to pdf
AFB AccessNote App 
For iOS: iPad, iPhone, Touch 
Notetaker app 
Works with QWERTY keyboard or 
refreshable braille keyboard 
Shortcuts available for both keyboards 
TXT format—export and import 
Works with Dropbox 
Works with VoiceOver and Zoom 
Font enlarges to 22 point 
C# PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in C#.
Provide users with examples for adding text box to PDF and edit font size and color in text box field in C#.NET program. C#.NET: Draw Markups on PDF File.
add photo to pdf reader; adding images to a pdf document
Extensive Notes–Notepad 
Supports audio recordings, 
media attachments, and TTS 
Cloud-based, allows access 
from different platforms 
Catch Notes 
Capture text, audio, images, 
and synch with web 
Notepad for Kindle Fire 
Basic functions 
Auto-save notes  
Practice Testing 
Quizlet (Android and iOS) 
Many sample tests 
Create your own materials 
Evernote Peek (iPad) 
Turn notes, audio, images, etc. 
into study materials 
“lift cover” to reveal question and 
Expensive, but desktop 
application is free 
Supports variety of media 
Large card bank or make your 
own, TTS in 22 languages 
Flashcardlet & Quizlet 
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