Don’t panic! If you 
haven’t published yet, 
all you have to do is 
“discard check-out.” 
Pdf hyperlinks - insert, remove PDF links in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Free C# example code is offered for users to edit PDF document hyperlink (url), like inserting and deleting
adding hyperlinks to a pdf; pdf email link
Pdf hyperlinks - VB.NET PDF url edit library: insert, remove PDF links in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Help to Insert a Hyperlink to Specified PDF Document Page
add links to pdf; adding links to pdf document
Not to worry: go to the 
Page tab > Page 
History > Version 
History. Then restore the 
2nd most recent version. 
C# PDF Convert to HTML SDK: Convert PDF to html files in
Embed zoom setting (fit page, fit width). Turn PDF form data to HTML form. Export PDF images to HTML images. Embed PDF hyperlinks to HTML links.
add hyperlink to pdf online; adding hyperlinks to pdf
VB.NET PDF Convert to HTML SDK: Convert PDF to html files in vb.
Turn PDF images to HTML images in VB.NET. Embed PDF hyperlinks to HTML links in VB.NET. Available zoom setting (fit page, fit width).
adding links to pdf; add links to pdf acrobat
VB.NET PDF Page Replace Library: replace PDF pages in, ASP.
DotNetNuke), SharePoint. Able to replace all PDF page contents in VB.NET, including text, image, hyperlinks, etc. Professional VB.NET
add a link to a pdf in preview; add link to pdf acrobat
.NET PDF SDK | Read & Processing PDF files
of text, hyperlinks, bookmarks and metadata; Advanced document cleanup and image processing options provided; Annotate and redact in PDF documents; Fully support
pdf links; pdf link open in new window
Links on the left side of 
your department’s web 
pages are your 
navigation menu 
To edit them, go to Site 
Actions > Site Settings > 
Keep your end users in 
VB.NET PDF Thumbnail Create SDK: Draw thumbnail images for PDF in
application. Generating thumbnail for PDF document is an easy work and gives quick access to PDF page and file, or even hyperlinks. This
clickable links in pdf; add hyperlink to pdf acrobat
PDF Image Viewer| What is PDF
advanced capabilities, such as text extraction, hyperlinks, bookmarks and metadata as well as updating, splitting and merging pages from existing PDF documents
pdf reader link; check links in pdf
A vanity URL makes this:
Become this: 
You can send me these 
You’ll provide a better 
user experience by 
making links to 
documents and external 
sites open in a new tab 
All you have to do is 
check “open in new tab” 
in the Link Tools tab 
Adding description text 
for a hyperlink increases 
accessibility and gives 
visitors more info about 
the link 
It’s imperative to include 
a description for linked 
Use Microsoft Office 
Picture Manager to 
compress photos for the 
Manually adjust horizontal 
or vertical size to make an 
image fit on your page 
(keep aspect ratio locked!) 
SharePoint automatically 
adds 5 pixels of space 
around your image, but 
you can reduce this 
The “Position” menu gives 
you control over how text 
flows around your picture 
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