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When the PDF/A format is selected, all fonts including the font Adobe Reader built-in
fonts are automatically embedded in the PDF file.
Win2PDF supports the following paper sizes:
� US Letter
� US Legal
� 4A0
� 2A0
� A0
� A1
� A2
� A3
� A4
� B5
� US Letter Small
� A4 Small
� US Legal Small
� Tabloid 11x17in.
� A-Size 8.5x11in.
� B-Size 11x17in.
� C-Size 17x22in.
� D-Size 22x34in.
� E-Size 34x44in.
� Arch-A 9x12in.
� Arch-B 12x18in.
� Arch-C 18x24in.
� Arch-D 24x36in.
� Arch-E 36x48in.
In addition, Win2PDF supports user defined custom or user defined paper sizes.  The
steps required to create a custom paper size vary depending on the version of Windows.
How to create a custom paper size in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
How to create a custom paper size in Windows Vista
How to create a custom paper size in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008
To create a custom page size in Windows XP or Windows Server 2003:
C# read pdf metadata - add, remove, update PDF metadata in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Allow C# Developers to Read, Add, Edit, Update and Delete PDF Metadata
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C# read pdf metadata - VB.NET PDF metadata library: add, remove, update PDF metadata in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Enable VB.NET Users to Read, Write, Edit, Delete and Update PDF Document Metadata
pdf keywords metadata; change pdf metadata creation date
1.  Open the "Printers and Faxes" folder
2.  Under the "File" menu, select "Server Properties".
3.  Select the "Forms" tab.
4.  Check the "Create a New Form" box, and fill out the "Form Description" and
"Paper Size" fields.  It is best to leave the "Printer Area Margins" fields as 0.
5.  Select "Save Form" and close the window.  Your form should now be available to
To create a custom page size in Windows Vista:
1.  Open the "Printers" folder
C# PDF Image Extract Library: Select, copy, paste PDF images in C#
such as its location, zonal information, metadata, and so on. Extract image from PDF free in .NET framework with trial SDK components and online C# class source
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How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF for .NET
Various PDF annotation features can be integrated into your C# project, such as XDoc.PDF for .NET supports editing PDF document metadata, like Title
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2.  Right click in the background of the printers folder, and select "Run as
administrator->Server Properties...".
3.  Select the "Forms" tab.
VB.NET PDF Image Extract Library: Select, copy, paste PDF images
Get image information, such as its location, zonal information, metadata, and so on. Extract image from PDF free in .NET framework application with trial SDK
acrobat pdf additional metadata; pdf metadata extract
C# PDF Text Extract Library: extract text content from PDF file in
XDoc.PDF ›› C# PDF: Extract PDF Text. C# PDF - Extract Text from PDF in C#.NET. Best C#.NET PDF text extraction library and component for free download.
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4.  Check the "Create a New Form" box, and fill out the "Form Description" and
"Paper Size" fields.  It is best to leave the "Printer Area Margins" fields as 0.
5.  Select "Save Form" and close the window.  Your form should now be available to
To create a custom page size in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008:
1.  Open the "Devices and Printers" folder from the Windows 7 Start menu.  Select
the printer named "Win2PDF" and then click on the menu option "Print Server
C# PDF - Read Barcode on PDF in C#.NET
NET edit PDF bookmark, C#.NET edit PDF metadata, C#.NET edit PDF digital signatures, C#.NET edit PDF sticky note, C#.NET print PDF, C#.NET read barcodes from
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C# PDF Library SDK to view, edit, convert, process PDF file for C#
C#.NET: Edit PDF Metadata. PDF SDK for .NET allows you to read, add, edit, update, and delete PDF file metadata, like Title, Subject, Author, Creator, Producer
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2.  In the "Print Server Properties" window, name and set the paper size dimensions.
3.  Select "Save Form" and close the window.  Your form should now be available to
Win2PDF.  Here is a short video showing how to create and use this custom paper size.
VB.NET PDF: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.PDF
XDoc.PDF for .NET supports editing PDF document metadata, like Title, Subject, Author, Creator, Producer, Keywords, Created Date, and Last Modified Date.
pdf metadata viewer; pdf xmp metadata
C# PDF File Compress Library: Compress reduce PDF size in C#.net
Bookmarks. Comments, forms and multimedia. Document and metadata. All object data. File attachment. Flatten visible layers. C#.NET DLLs: Compress PDF Document.
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How to create a custom paper size with Windows 7
Many applications have the ability to change the printer settings from the print dialog or
from a page setup dialog.  If you change a setting from an application, it will not
change the default setting.  
To change the default printer setting, you need to change the setting in the "Printing
Preferences" dialog.  You can find this by opening the printers folder, right clicking on
the "Win2PDF" icon, and choosing "Printing Preferences".
The default resolution for bitmaps is 300 DPI.  You can change the default resolution by
opening the "Printers" folder, right clicking on the Win2PDF icon, and opening
"Printing Preferences".  The resolution (Print Quality) setting us under the
"Advanced..." section of this dialog.
Increasing the resolution will improve the quality of bitmap images, but it will also
increase the document size.
Win2PDF Pro can set the document information such as Title, Author, Subject, and
Keywords.  This information is entered in the "PDF Options..." dialog of the Win2PDF
File Save dialog.  
The "Author" and "Keywords" fields are saved by Win2PDF and applied to all
subsequent documents.  The default value for the "Title" field is set by the application.
The "Subject" field is not saved for future documents, and must be manually set for
each document.
The document information can be viewed in Acrobat Reader by opening File-
>Document Properties->Summary
Information on controlling the document information from a custom application is
available in "Setting Document Information
" in the developer information section.
Win2PDF Pro supports the standard security options and permissions available in the
PDF file format.
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