5. Printa testcopy of your double-sideddocumenttotesttheselected settings.
6. Follow any instructions displayed on the screen during printing.
Note: Thesurface of the paper may smear during double-sidedprinting.Make sure the ink has dried
before reloadingthepaper.
Double-sidedPrinting Options - Windows
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Double-sidedPrintingOptions- Windows
You canselectanyofthe available options onthe2-Sided Printing Settingswindow to set up your
double-sided print job.
Binding Edge Options
Select asetting that orients double-sidedprintbindinginthe desired direction.
Binding MarginOptions
Select options thatdefine a wider margin to allow for binding.
Select theBooklet checkbox to printdouble-sided pages asa booklet.
Parent topic:SelectingDouble-sidedPrintingSettings-Windows
Selecting Additional Layout and Print Options - Windows
You canselecta variety of additional layout and printingoptions for your document or photo on the More
Options tab.
Pdf save form data - C# PDF Field Edit Library: insert, delete, update pdf form field in C#.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WPF
Online C# Tutorial to Insert, Delete and Update Fields in PDF Document
create a pdf form from excel; add fillable fields to pdf online
Pdf save form data - VB.NET PDF Field Edit library: insert, delete, update pdf form field in vb.net, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WPF
How to Insert, Delete and Update Fields in PDF Document with VB.NET Demo Code
edit pdf form; add text fields to pdf
1. Tochange the size of your printed document or photo, select the Reduce/EnlargeDocument
checkbox andselectoneofthese sizing options:
• Select the Fit to Page option to size your imageto fit the paper youloaded. Selectthesize of the
your document or photo as the Document Size setting, and the size of your paper as the Output
Paper setting.
• Select the Zoomto optiontoreduce or enlarge your document or photo by a specific percentage.
Selectthe percentage in the % menu.
2. Select one of the followingColor Correctionoptions:
• Select Automaticto automatically adjust the sharpness,brightness,contrast,andcolor saturation
for your image.
• Select Customand click theAdvanced button to manually adjust the color correctionsettingsor
turn off color managementin your printer software.
• Select Image Options to access additional settingsfor improvingprinted images.
3. Toadda watermark to your printout, select Watermark settings.
C# PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in C#.net, ASP.
Merge Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint data to PDF form. Append one PDF file to the end of another and save to a single PDF file.
adding text field to pdf; add text field to pdf
VB.NET PDF File Merge Library: Merge, append PDF files in vb.net
Merge Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint data to PDF form. this PDF file merge function will put the two target PDF together and save as new
adding text fields to pdf acrobat; add fillable fields to pdf
4. Toadda header or footer to your document,select Header/Footer,thenselectSettingsto
customizethetext and location.
5. Select any of the Additional Settings options to customize your print.
Custom Color CorrectionOptions- Windows
Image Options and Additional Settings- Windows
Header/Footer Settings - Windows
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Related tasks
Printing Your Document or Photo - Windows
CustomColor Correction Options - Windows
You canselectanyofthe available options in the Color Correctionwindow to customizetheimage colors
for your printjob.
VB.NET PDF Page Delete Library: remove PDF pages in vb.net, ASP.
this RasterEdge XDoc.PDF SDK, you can simply delete a single page from a PDF document using VB.NET or remove any page from a PDF document and save to local
adding text to a pdf form; create a fillable pdf form
C# PDF Page Extract Library: copy, paste, cut PDF pages in C#.net
to extract single or multiple pages from adobe PDF file and save into a The portable document format, known as PDF document, is a widely-used form of file
pdf form creation; best way to create pdf forms
Color Controls
Lets you select aColor Mode setting, individual settings for Brightness, Contrast,Saturation, and
Density, and individual color tones. Depending on the selected color mode, you canalso adjust the
midtone density using the Gamma setting.
Fix Photo
Improves the color, contrast,andsharpness offlawedphotos.
Note: Fix Photouses a sophisticated face recognitiontechnology to optimize photos that include
faces. For this to work,botheyes and the nosemust be visible in the subject's face. Ifyour photo
includes aface withan intentional color cast, such as a statue, you may want to turnoffFix Phototo
retainthespecial color effects.
No Color Adjustment
Turns off color management in your printer software so youcan manage color using only your
application software.
Parent topic:SelectingAdditionalLayoutandPrintOptions-Windows
Image Options and Additional Settings - Windows
You canselectanyofthe Image Options and Additional Settings to customize your print. Some options
may be pre-selected or unavailable,dependingonother settings you have chosen.
Edge Smoothing
Smooths jaggededges in low-resolution images suchas screen captures or images from the Web.
Fix Red-Eye
Reduces or removes red-eyeinphotos.
Additional Settings Options
Rotate 180º
Prints the image rotated 180º from its originalorientation.
High Speed
Speeds upprinting,but mayreduce print quality.
Mirror Image
Flips the printed image left to right.
Parent topic:SelectingAdditionalLayoutandPrintOptions-Windows
C# PDF Convert to Tiff SDK: Convert PDF to tiff images in C#.net
Description: Convert to DOCX/TIFF with specified zoom value and save it into stream. Parameters: zoomValue, The magnification of the original PDF page size.
add picture to pdf form; change font size in pdf fillable form
C# Create PDF from Tiff Library to convert tif images to PDF in C#
Description: Convert to PDF and save it on the disk. Parameters: Name, Description, Valid Value. Description: Convert to PDF and save it into stream. Parameters:
add date to pdf form; add editable fields to pdf
Header/Footer Settings- Windows
You canselectanyofthe Header/Footer Settings options to add headers or footers when you print.The
items are availableto printat the top or bottom of your pages, in either the left, right,or center of the
Note: These settings are not savedwith your document.
You canselectto print the following information, which comes from the Windows Control Panel on your
• User Name
• Computer Name
• Date
• Date/Time
Parent topic:SelectingAdditionalLayoutandPrintOptions-Windows
Selecting a Printing Preset - Windows
For quick access to common groups of print settings,youcan select aprinting presetontheMain or
MoreOptions tab.
Note: You cancreate your ownpreset by clickingtheAdd/Remove Presets button.
1. Click the Main or More Options tab.
Yousee the available Printing Presets on the left:
C# PDF Convert to Word SDK: Convert PDF to Word library in C#.net
key. Quick to remove watermark and save PDF text, image, table, hyperlink and bookmark to Word without losing format. Powerful components
adding image to pdf form; create a form in pdf from word
C# Create PDF from PowerPoint Library to convert pptx, ppt to PDF
Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it on the disk. Parameters: Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it into stream. Parameters:
add print button to pdf form; pdf editable fields
2. Place your cursor over one ofthePrintingPresets to view its listofsettings.
3. Useany oftheavailable options on the screen to control your printingpresets.
4. Tochoosean option for printing, select it.
5. Click OK.
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Printing Your Document or Photo - Windows
Once youhave selected your print settings,you areready tosave your settings andprint.
1. Click OK tosave your settings.
Yousee your application's Printwindow, such as this one:
C# Create PDF from Excel Library to convert xlsx, xls to PDF in C#
Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it on the disk. Parameters: Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it into stream. Parameters:
change font size pdf form; add jpg to pdf form
C# Create PDF from Word Library to convert docx, doc to PDF in C#.
Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it on the disk. Parameters: Description: Convert to PDF/TIFF and save it into stream. Parameters:
adding a signature to a pdf form; create a form in pdf
2. Click OK or Print to start printing.
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Selecting Default Print Settings - Windows
Whenyou change your printsettings in aprogram, the changes apply only while you are printing in that
program session. If you want tochange the print settings youuse in all your Windows programs, you can
selectnew defaultprintsettings.
1. Right-click the producticon in the Windows taskbar.
2. Select Printer Settings.
Yousee the printer settings window:
3. Select the print settings youwant to use as defaults in all your Windows programs.
4. Click OK.
These settings are now the defaults selectedfor printing. Youcan stillchange them as needed for
printing in any program session.
Changing the Language ofthePrinter Software Screens
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Changingthe Language of the Printer Software Screens
You canchange the language usedon the Windows printer softwarescreens.
1. Right-click the producticon in the Windows taskbar.
2. Select Printer Settings.
Yousee the printer settings window.
3. Click the Maintenancetab.
Yousee the maintenance options:
4. Select the language you want to use as the Language setting.
5. Click OK toclose the printer softwarewindow.
Theprinter softwarescreens appear in the language you selected the nexttime you access them.
Parent topic:SelectingDefaultPrintSettings-Windows
Changing Automatic Update Options
Your printer software for Windows automatically checks for updates to the product software. You can
change how often the software checks for updatesor disable this feature.
1. Right-click the producticon in the Windows taskbar.
2. Select SoftwareUpdate Settings.
Yousee this window:
3. Do one of the following:
• Tochange how often the software checks for updates, selecta setting in the Check every menu.
• Todisable theautomatic update feature,selectthe Never option.
4. Click OK toexit.
Note: Ifyouchooseto disable the automatic update feature, youcan check for updates manually.
Parent topic:PrintingwithWindows
Related tasks
Checking for SoftwareUpdates
Printing with Mac OS X
You canprintwith your product usingany Mac OS X printing program, as describedinthese sections.
SelectingBasic PrintSettings - Mac OS X
SelectingPage Setup Settings - Mac OS X
SelectingPrint Layout Options - Mac OS X
ManagingColor - Mac OS X
SelectingPrinting Preferences - Mac OS X
Printing Your Document or Photo - Mac OS X
Parent topic:PrintingFromaComputer
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