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Best Practice: Before publishing your pages live, you should first publish to the test server. This 
gives you an opportunity to review the pages privately before they become available to the public.
Publishing is not instantaneous, but rather a queue of all publishing jobs in the system. 
You can check the status of your job on the Active Jobs screen, available in the toolbar, between 
the Cascade swirl icon and the Home button (Swirl Icon > Publisher > Active Jobs).
From the Active Jobs screen, you can see the position of your job, and the progress of the 
currently publishing jobs. 
To be brought to the publisher automatically after sending an asset to publish, click on My 
Settings, then check the box After Publishing Assets/Go to publish status page. 
Adding comments to a pdf - C# PDF Sticky Note Library: add, delete, update PDF note in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
C#.NET Tutorial for How to Add a Sticky Note Annotation to PDF Page
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Adding comments to a pdf - VB.NET PDF Sticky Note Library: add, delete, update PDF note in, ASP.NET, MVC, Ajax, WinForms, WPF
Online VB.NET Tutorial for Adding a Sticky Note Annotation to PDF Page
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Best Practice: After publishing, check the Messages tab near the middle of the Cascade Server 
Home screen to see if the CMS has encountered any problems with your work, 
such as broken links.
Once your job is finished publishing, you can view your site in a Web browser.
If in Cascade CMS, your site folder is: /zeta/sample
Then, the corollary test and live sites are at:
For a specific page, it is a similar pattern, but with .html appended. If a page in Cascade CMS is: 
The corollary test and live pages are at:
C# PDF Text Box Edit Library: add, delete, update PDF text box in
library for adding text box to PDF document in .NET WinForms application. A web based PDF annotation application able to add text box comments to adobe PDF file
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C# PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in C#.
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Un-publishing and Un-indexing
Un-publishing an asset will remove it from the Web, but leave it in Cascade CMS. This is useful for 
out-of-date content that you may wish to keep for reference.
Select the asset you wish to un-publish from the navigation panel then click the Publish tab from 
the main panel or select the asset, expand the context menu, and select Publish. 
Select the Un-publish radio button then click Submit.
You should see the “Un-publish message sent successfully” banner above the path of the asset, or 
above the publishing queue, depending on your settings. 
C# TIFF: How to Add Annotation to TIFF Image Using C#.NET Demo
To help you add some comments, provide some additional information or draw certain Support adding over 10 annotation types to source Tiff image file using C#
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C# HTML5 Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit PDF
HTML5 Viewer for C# .NET provides permanent annotations adding feature, all annotation comments on PDF are able to be saved. PDF Protection.
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Confirm that the un-publish job has completed by viewing the publishing queue, (accessible via 
the toolbar at Swirl Icon > Publisher > Active Jobs). If the job is complete, it will no longer be in 
the queue.
To be brought to the publisher automatically after sending an asset to unpublish, click on  
My Settings, then check the box After Publishing Assets/Go to publish status page.
Re-select the asset from the navigation panel, and then click on the Edit tab, and System sub-tab. 
Un-check the “Include when publishing” and “Include when indexing” boxes.
The first box prevents accidental republishing; the second removes the asset from the site 
navigation. They can be rechecked at any time.
Click Submit when you are finished.
Lastly, publish your entire site. This will remove any dead links from your site navigation.
Best Practice: Publish your whole site during off-hours, such as before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m.
VB.NET PDF Annotate Library: Draw, edit PDF annotation, markups in
When we are reading or viewing a PDF document file, we may often need to mark the source PDF file by adding some comments, notes, explanations or other remarks
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VB.NET Image: Web Image Viewer for Page Navigation & Operation
NET project, you may feel like adding, deleting or software company. We appreciate the comments and supports & profession imaging controls, PDF document, tiff
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Advanced Features
VB.NET Image: VB.NET Web Image Viewer Installation and Integration
your web viewer creating project in VB.NET: adding reference and please see VB.NET Imaging - Create PDF Web Viewer Comments on VB.NET Web Image Viewer. "It is a
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C# PDF Text Add Library: add, delete, edit PDF text in, ASP
Support to edit PDF text comments color, size and font. Adding text is the most direct method to add or supplement information on current PDF page.
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Shareable Right Sidebars
If you have sidebar content that you want to appear on multiple pages, you can create the right 
sidebar as a separate asset.
In the navigation panel, select the folder in which your new sidebar asset will reside. Select New > 
zeta > Shareable Right Sidebar from the toolbar.
On the New Page dialog, enter a System Name, which is the name that will appear in the 
navigation panel of Cascade.
Best Practice: Keep names short; use only lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes. Do not use 
spaces or underscores.
The sidebar asset should appear in the navigation panel in the folder that you designated. 
VB.NET Image: Easy to Create Ellipse Annotation with VB.NET
on PDF using VB.NET programming; Support adding ellipse annotation ellipse annotation to document files, like PDF & Word used to add remarks or comments on pages
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VB.NET Image: VB.NET Web Document Image Viewer Annotation Online
users can write & modify notes and comments on web NET users can take this annotation adding API to powerful & profession imaging controls, PDF document, image
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Now you can add the shareable right sidebar to a page. Select a page to which you want to add 
the sidebar from the navigation panel. Then click the Edit tab.
Scroll down to the Sidebar Option. Instead of typing in new text, click the Browse button ( 
next to Or select the option page below the WYSIWYG editor to browse for the shareable right 
From the pop-up window, select the sidebar asset you created. Click Confirm.
You should see the complete path to the selected Shareable Right Sidebar.  
Click Submit.
The sidebar should now appear on your page.
Additional Functionality
Demonstrations of and documentation for additional advanced functionality, including slideshows, 
forms and news feeds, are available at:
Quick Reference
What’s in a Name?
Assets in Cascade CMS often have multiple types of names assigned.
Where to modify
Required for… 
Move/Rename tab 
All assets 
Metadata sub-tab 
of asset Edit tab
Pages and folders that 
appear in site navigation
Metadata sub-tab 
of asset Edit tab
All pages 
Documents you may be interested
Documents you may be interested