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C# PDF Convert: How to Convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, Raster Images to Adobe PDF Document

Supports: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, Dicom, and Jpeg, Png, Bitmap, 100+ Image Formats

Use robust APIs to convert multiple supported documents and images to PDF document in C#

Support conversion to PDF from other documents, keeping original document page size

Support rendering image to a PDF document page, no change for image size

Able to adjust and customize image resolution to meet various C# PDF conversion requirements

Conversion from other files to PDF file can be accomplished within seconds

C# How tos for PDF Conversion

Convert Word to PDF

Refer to this online C# tutorial and you will learn how to convert MS Word document (.doc or .docx) to PDF document in C# programming.

Convert Excel to PDF

Microsoft Excel in 2003 and later versions can be converted to Adobe PDF document easily. This page provides a piece of C# sample code for quick conversion.

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

In addition to Word and Excel, Office PowerPoint is also supported by our SDK. Please click to see detailed C# programming demo for PPT to PDF conversion.

Convert Tiff to PDF

Tiff image file with single page or multiple pages can be rendered and converted to Adobe PDF file as well. On this page, a C# coding example is offered for your reference and test.

Convert Dicom to PDF

Conversion from Dicom image format to PDF document is also available by using XDoc.Converter for .NET in your C# application. Meanwhile, Dicom image resolution is user-defined.

Convert Raster Images to PDF

Several raster image file formats can be rendered to PDF file, including Jpeg, Png, Bmp, and Gif. And we depict C# complete demo codes for these image files to PDF conversions. Please click to see details.

Advanced Options for PDF Conversion

RasterEdge XDoc.Convert for .NET allows C# programmers to control PDF conversion properties. Please see details as below.

UseDefaultPageSize: This property is true by default which indicates that your PDF conversion will use the page size defined in input file.

FitToPageMode: C# programmers my choose to resize the input image size to fit the page size in output PDF document. Default: FitToPageMode.None.

PageWidth: This property is used to define the width of PDF file page (in inch), which be only applied when UseDefaultPageSize is set to false. Default: 8.27F.

PageHeight: This property is used to define the height of PDF file page (in inch), which be only applied when UseDefaultPageSize is set to false. Default: 11.7F.