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Open a File from a URL (HTTP, FTP)
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C# HTML5 Viewer: Open a File from a URL

How to Open a File from a URL (HTTP, FTP) and Show It on Your HTML5 Viewer

RasterEdge XDoc.HTML5 Viewer SDK for .NET enables C# users to open a document to view online from a URL (HTTP, FTP). A simple API CreateWebDocFromOnLine(string src, string fileName); can help with this. Here, src represents the URL of your target file and fileName is used to let your C# viewer show the name of this file (if it is "", HTML5 viewer control will charge by the URL.).

C# Tutorial: Open a File on Viewer from a URL

File opening from URL is well supported by RasterEdge XDoc.HTML Viewer. To use this function in your C# web program, you can add ?src=http://... to the address bar of web browser, or choose to use it via button click. If button click is preferred, you need to add the following code to your Default.aspx.

var _tabFile = new ToolbarTab(File);
_tabFile.addCommand(new RECommand(openOnlineDoc));

Moreover, please use the code below in your Default.aspx.cs to enable your C# project document viewer to control file opening from URL.

private void RequestServerceHandler()
        string command = Request.Form["RECommand"];
        if (command == null || command.Equals(""))
                if (Request.Form["src"] != null)

public void LoadFileFromOnline()
        string src = Request.Form["src"];
        REWebDocument webDoc = REDocumentControl.CreateWebDocFromOnLine(src, "");
        REDocumentControl.ResponseToClient(webDoc.MsgToClient, Response);