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Raster Images
Raster Images
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C# WPF Viewer: Load, View, Convert, Annotate and Edit Raster Images

Feature List about Viewing and Editing Raster Images in RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C#.NET


With RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C# .NET, various formats of images can be viewed and processed easily. Such as load images from multiple methods, convert images to PDF or Tiff, add annotations to image, insert signatures to image. More details including:

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Image file formats supported by RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C# .NET

Methods of loading images document to RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C# .NET

Image conversions able to be achieved by using RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C# .NET

Available annotation features for images by using RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C# .NET

Images signature processing actions supported by RasterEdge C#.NET WPF Viewer

Raster Images File Formats

    C#.NET RasterEdge WPF Viewer supports various images formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, etc

Loading and Viewing

    Upload images from computer

    Load images from stream

    Load images from byte array

Raster Images Conversion

    Convert images to Tiff (.tif, .tiff)

    Convert PDF to PDF (.pdf) document

Raster Images Annotation

    Add annotation when viewing images on RasterEdge WPF Viewer for C#.NET

    Change or remove annotations from images

    Save annotations on image files

Raster Images Protection

    Add signatures to image files

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To view, convert, modify, process raster images, please refer to  XImage.Raster SDK for .NET overview.

Plentiful C# class demo codes and tutorials for processing images are give on How to Use XImage.Raster to process images in C# .NET Programming Project.