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Try RasterEdge ASP.NET web document viewer now to experience the professional JavaScript based imaging controls to process & edit your local images and documents directly within your web browsers! This ASP.NET web viewer for images and documents are extremely easy to use as it does not require installation of any plugin on client computer. Advanced image and document processing functions are included such as rotating an image / page, inserting and deleting a picture or document page, etc.
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We have listed a few of the supported image and document processing functions as well as some outstanding features of this .NET Web Document Viewer. You can discover more capacities by directly evaluating the web doc viewer by yourself.
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Image and Document Manipulating with .NET Web Viewer
This article is written with the purpose to provide detailed guide for customizing and processing images & documents in RasterEdge ASP.NET Web Document Viewer. If, however, you want to process image and document in Windows Forms, Visual C# .NET applications or Visual Basic .NET projects, please go to Customize Images in .NET WinForms, Image & Document Manipulating for C#.NET and Image and File Processing Using VB.NET Programming.)
In another section followed by the rotation part, we will explain how you can easily add / insert a page in your web doc, delete one page from it, and also reorder your file by dragging and dropping the thumbnail images.

Rotate Image and Document Page

This Web Document Viewer for ASP.NET is developed with JavaScript technology. When you open the downloaded free trial of RasterEdge Image SDK for .NET, you will find a js file named RasterEdge.js, which includes a number of class objects to control the viewer and its supporting functions like web image rotation.
In order to rotate an image or a document file page with this .NET Web Document Viewer, you need to bind buttons with corresponding rotation JavaScript APIs. Listed below are the supported image / file rotating JavaScript APIs which you can use to bind to your button's onclick event.

Process Thumbnails of Image and Document Page

Besides processing web images or document pages by clicking buttons in the toolbar section, users can also find it quite easy to process image and file pages with the thumbnails within web document viewer. You can easily add and delete an image / page by adding or deleting a thumbnail, and you can rearrange the file page order by dragging & dropping corresponding thumbnail images with your mouse.
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