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From now on, web developers & programmers can use RasterEdge HTML5 Web Viewer control and .NET imaging components to build a powerful web document viewing application with comprehensive image editing and document processing capacities. Once this viewer is successfully created in your ASP.NET web application, you can be immediately enabled to save, print, download and upload any of the supported images and documents.
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In the list below, we have provided you with some basic features and functions for image saving & printing using this HTML5 Web document & image viewer. Please take a look.
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Image Saving & Printing with Web Doc Viewer
This page is aimed to provide detailed information for saving, printing, downloading and uploading images & documents with RasterEdge ASP.NET Web Document Viewer. If you want to save, print images and documents in other .NET projects / platforms, such as Windows Forms, Visual C# .NET applications or Visual Basic .NET applications, please go to Saving & Printing Image in WinForms, Image Saving & Printing for C#.NET and Saving & Printing Image with VB.NET.)
Once you download the .NET Image SDK, you will see that RasterEdge Web Document Viewer provides you with a js file, which is named RasterEdge.js. Several class objects are included in this file. In the following sections, we will provide you with detailed JavaScript APIs for image and document processing (saving, printing, downloading and uploading), so you can customize your viewer with corresponding functions.

Save Images & Files

SaveFile: Preserve all the changes made to the current document or image and save it to a local disk.
This JavaScript API is very essential for your web viewer, because in most cases you might want to preserve all the modifications that you have made to the current page, be it a document or image. This API allows you to save file to a default file path, yet you can also customize it to your desired directory.

Print Images & Documents

PrintFile: Save all the changes made to the current image or document and print it with a button click.
If you want to print a picture or file, you may try binding this JavaScript API to an onclick event of a button. This API allows you to save the current document / image along with all the changes you have made, and then open the preserved doc at another page. And finally you can click the button bound for printing to directly print out the file from ASP.NET web document viewer.

Download Images & Files

DownloadFile: Save the present document or image with all the changes and download it at once with button click.
Suppose you have made all the setting to the current document or image, and you want to save the changes and download it from HTML5 web document viewer. What can you do? You can simply bind a button with this file downloading API, so the current doc can be saved (with all modifications) and opened at another page. Once you click this download button, the document is easily downloaded.

Upload Images & Docs

AjaxFileUpload: Uploading images or documents to server for displaying.
Once you bind this JavaScript API to your button's onclick event, you can easily upload a selected web document or image to RasterEdge_Cache folder of server and display it instantly.
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