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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET Image SDK Deployment Overview
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is an easy to use and professional .NET Imaging SDK which consists of several innovative document and image processing controls. And it is an extremely easy task to deploy a client ASP.NET web or Windows Forms application using this robust and standalone .NET Imaging SDK. tesseract ocr pdf to text c#, how to convert pdf to word document using c#, c# pdfsharp add image, read pdf file itextsharp, c# printing pdf programmatically, tiff merge c#. Without registering any COM component or making any registry modification, C# developers can successfully finish the deployment by just copying all the dlls of this .NET Image SDK to their C#.NET project bin folder.
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To help you have a better and quicker understanding of the process of deploying RasterEdge .NET Image SDK, we divide this online C# tutorial into following four parts. preview pdf in, edit pdf in mvc, core open excel file, view pdf in asp net mvc, asp net add text to pdf, c# open word document, pdf viewer in web application.
  • How to deploy DocImage SDK into your C#.NET class application
  • How to deploy DocImage SDK into a Windows Forms client application
  • How to deploy DocImage SDK into an ASP.NET web-based application
  • Questions & Answers for SDK Deployment in C# Application
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How to Deploy DocImage SDK in C#.NET Project
In order to deploy a Visual C#.NET application using RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET, you have to make sure they have firstly ordered the granted license(s) correctly. Then, do as follows.
  1. Download and unzip the trial package of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET;
  2. Add reference to necessary assemblies in .NET Imaging SDK package.
Deployment in C# Window Forms Project
If you want to deploy a Windows Forms client application using this C#.NET Imaging SDK, we recommend developers to install the dlls from RasterEdge .NET image SDK in the same directory with the EXE you are building. The following is a brief guidance on how to deploy .NET Image SDK into C#.NET WinForms application.
  1. Install and integrate your required .NET document image processing and editing SDK dlls into the same bin folder of the EXE you are operating (all dlls are listed below);
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Creator.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Barcode.Scanner.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Codec.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Charting.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.DICOM.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Drawing.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Font.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.JBIG2.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.JPEG2000.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSExcel.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSPPT.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.MSWordDocx.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.PDF.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.SVG.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.WebViewer.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.WinformsControl.DocumentViewer.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.WinformsControl.Twain.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.XPS.dll
    • TWAINDSM.dll
  2. Now the deployment of this C#.NET Image SDK in Windows Forms application is finished.
Deployment in C# Web Class Application
When you are trying to deploy this C#.NET Image SDK into an ASP.NET web server application, please make sure needed SDK assemblies are placed in the bin folder of this web based project.
  1. Download RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET and you may find all the compact dlls listed above;
  2. Copy and embed your required DLL libraries into the bin directory of your ASP.NET class application, as project references;
  3. Then you have completed the process of deploying our C#.NET Imaging SDK into web server project.
Q&A for SDK Deployment in C# Application
  1. Q: Error: Cannot find RasterEdge namespace.
    A: Right click on projects, and select properties. Under application tab, change target Framework to Frameworks other than Client Profile version. Rebuild you C#.NET application.
  2. Q: Throwing exception of registered problem in run time. E.g. Image encoder GIF is not registered.
    A: Add the line of code WorkRegistry.Reset(); before you use RasterEdge dlls' APIs. This code registers all RasterEdge dlls referenced to your C#.NET projects. This code only needs to run once.
    If the problem persists, please check if the dll in your bin folder is blocked by your OS. Right click on the dlls, and select properties, then click unblock button.
  3. Q: Error: load program with incorrect format.
    A: This is often caused by incompatibility between platform target property and the dlls build. Right click on C#.NET projects and select properties. In build tab, select proper platform target.
  4. Q: In ASP.NET project when testing web viewer control, error load program with incorrect format appears in Visual Studio.
    A: This is a limitation of Visual studio. You can try to debug with x86 webviewer in x64 OS. Once done debugging, you can replace the x86 dlls in bin folder with x64 dlls. X64 dlls runs perfectly in real IIS.
  5. Q: When testing web viewer control, I can't upload document successfully.
    A: Don't add reference to SVGWebViewer.dll to your C# project. Make sure the Default page is the Default.aspx. Append /Default.aspx in the address bar if necessary.
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