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C# DICOM - Quick to Start with Dicom in.NET

Help C# User Have a Quick Evaluation of .NET Dicom SDK

DICOM and C#.NET DICOM Programming Classes - Overview

DICOM covers almost all information exchange protocols for medical digital image, like image acquisition, archiving, communication, display and search. convert pdf to tiff using pdfsharp c#, vb.net create pdf, itextsharp edit existing pdf c#, how to convert image into pdf in asp net c#, pdf to image converter c# free, pdf417 decoder c#. The implementation of DICOM standard greatly simplifies the exchange of medical image information and promotes the research and development of teleradiology system and image management and communication system (PACS).

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There are two important classes in C#.NET DICOM programming, DCMDocument and DCMPage. Every DICOM file is represented as a DCMDocument object, and the images and related information is represented as DCMPage object. vb.net merge pdf files into one, convert pdf to jpg c# itextsharp, c# extract images from pdf, vb.net pdf viewer control free, create thumbnail from pdf c#, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#, convert tiff to pdf vb.net.

On this page, you will learn C# DICOM programming classes and demo codes for loading DICOM image file into C#.NET applications. asp.net display image from base64 string, pdf viewer in mvc 4, asp.net core open excel file, pdf editor in asp.net mvc, asp.net open word document, asp.net pdf viewer, preview pdf in asp.net mvc. To perform DICOM document viewing and editing, you are supposed to firstly integrate needed .NET Document Imaging DLLs into your C#.NET project, and then load your target DICOM image file from file, stream or byte[]. Certainly, three DLLs should be used that include RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll, RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Codec.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.DICOM.dll.

C# DLLs for DICOM File Loading

Add necessary references references;





Use corresponding namespaces;

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic;

  using RasterEdge.Imaging.DICOM;

How to Load DICOM File in C#.NET Project - Demo Code

RasterEdge DICOM Document Imaging SDK for C#.NET empowers programmers to load a file, stream or byte[] containing a DICOM document as a DCMDocument object. Moreover, you can get the specific page inside a DICOM image file. Please use the following Visual C# demo codes in your project to have quick evaluation of DICOM document loading functions.

C# Demo Code for DICOM File Loading

DCMDocument doc = new DCMDocument(@"c:\a.dcm");

C# Demo Code for Getting DICOM File Page

// get the first page of loaded DICOM file
DCMPage page = (DCMPage)doc.GetPage(0);