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Basic SDK Concept
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How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.Excel

Introductions to Classes and APIs Included in XDoc.Excel for C# Programming

C#.NET Excel Document SDK, RasterEdge XDoc.Excel is a mature and reliable third-party document imaging toolkit, designed particularly for manipulating and managing single-page and multi-page Excel document. asp.net open pdf file in web browser using c# vb.net, gs1 barcode decoder c#, extract images from pdf file c# itextsharp, print pdf in asp.net c#, c# code to compress pdf, qr code generator c# example.

This Excel Document SDK provides Visual C#.NET developers with various classes to convert, process, edit, and annotate Excel document from local file or byte stream in C#.NET class applications.

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This guide page provides C# users with detailed explanations for basic SDK concepts of XDoc.Excel, which include main functionality, corresponding programming classes and usage. pdf to jpg c# open source, vb.net pdf merge and resize, c# pdf extract pages, convert ppt to pdf using c#, itextsharp tiff to pdf vb.net, c# pdf stamper, c# remove images from pdf. Please see details as below.

Functionality and Classes

Classes Usage

How to C#: XDoc.Excel Functionality & Classes

The main functionality of XDoc.Excel for .NET can be divided into nine aspects. Please see detailed introductions and respective C#.NET programming classes. asp.net excel viewer, mvc show pdf in div, asp.net core pdf preview, pdf viewer in asp.net web application, asp.net multipage tiff viewer, asp net add text to pdf, how to write pdf file in asp.net c#.

Excel Convert

C# programmers can convert Excel to Jpeg, Bmp, Png, Gif, Tiff, Raster Image files and PDF document. Conversely, conversion from PDF to Excel (.XLSX) is also supported.

  Class: XLSXDocument, XLSDocument

  Convert To Image API: ConvertToImage()

  Convert To Document API: ConvertToDocument()

  File & Page Process

Programmers can also perform various Excel file and page editing in C# project. For example, you may easily create, load, combine, and split Excel file(s), and add, create, insert, delete, re-order, copy, paste and save Excel page(s), etc.

  Class: XLSXDocument

  Class: XLSXPage

Text Search

Following classes will be used in your program. And Excel file text processing like text writing, extracting, searching, etc., are easy to be implemented.

  Class: XLSXDocument


XDoc.Excel for .NET allows C# developers to edit hyperlink of Excel document, including editing Excel url links and quick navigation link in bookmark/outline.

  Class: HyperlinkEntry

  Annotate Document

Various type annotations can be integrated into your C# project, such as annotation creating, deleting, modifying, importing, exporting, and so on.

  Class: XLSXDocument

  Class: XLSXPage


You can generate thumbnail image(s) from Excel file for quick viewing and further manipulating.

  Class: XLSXDocument, XLSDocument

How to C#: XDoc.Excel Classes Usage

RasterEdge XDoc.Excel for .NET provides users with various robust C#.NET classes for high performance Excel Document manipulations. We will explain all of them in this part.


The XLSXDocument class presents a Excel file and provides the properties, methods and events necessary to load a Excel document from file or query data and save the Excel document.


The XLSXPage class presents a single page in a XLSXdocument object and provides the properties and methods to process the data of a page.


The XLSXContext class encapsulates a list of drawing methods to build a new Excel file.


This class describes a hyperlink entry in the document.


This class describes bookmarks in a Excel document.