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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

Render Excel to SVG in C#.NET
Have you been looking for an Excel rendering and exporting control for C#.NET which can convert and export an Excel document to SVG vector graphics file? Or have you been working out a way to simplify the multi-step Excel converting procedures? page break in pdf using itextsharp c#, c# get thumbnail of pdf, pdfsharp pdf to image, itextsharp add image to existing pdf, printdocument pdf c#, c# code 128 reader. Now, these problems can be handled just by using RasterEdge .NET Excel Rendering and Converting SDK that enables C#.NET users to convert and transform Excel to SVG image in the simplest way. If you want to convert Excel to SVG in VB.NET program, please use VB.NET Excel to SVG converting tutorial.
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This Excel to SVG Image Converting Toolkit for C#.NET supports Microsoft Excel 2007 and any above version within .NET Framework 2.0 and later versions. c# pdf watermark, print form to pdf, convert pdf to svg c#, add text to pdf using itextsharp c#, c# convert word to pdf interop, c# redact pdf, c# remove images from pdf. High-quality and high-speed Excel document to SVG image conversion is one of the fundamental capabilities of Excel Rendering SDK in C#.NET, which empowers developers and end users across your project with the capability to convert single or multiple Excel pages/sheets to vector SVG image(s) at a time, without requiring any external document imaging tools.
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  • APIs for Excel to SVG converting in C#.NET
  • C# example code for rendering Excel document and converting it to SVG image
  • Random FAQ for Excel to vector image SVG converting
C# APIs to Render and Convert Excel to SVG Image
To apply this easy-to-use and user-friendly Excel rendering and conversion toolkit, users need to add "RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll, RasterEdge.Imaging.MSExcel.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.SVG.dll" assemblies to your Visual C#.NET Windows Forms or web project. After this, you may directly use advanced APIs below for your conversion.
// in XLSXDocument
public XLSXDocument(Stream stream);
public XLSXDocument (string fileName);
public void ConvertToDocument(DocumentType targetType, string filePath);
C# Demo Code to Render and Convert Excel to SVG
Below is Excel to SVG converting sample code, compliant with above rendering and converting APIs.
// load Excel into XLSXDocument
XLSXDocument test = new XLSXDocument(@"c:\sample.xlsx");
int page = test.GetPageCount();
for (int i = 0; i < page; i++)
XLSXPage apage = (XLSXPage)test.GetPage(i);

//******************** SVG Sample *************************
//********* Simple edition *************
// create SVG context to draw page onto
SVGContext context = new SVGContext();

// set page index of this context

// draw page on context

// save SVG files under this folder, including the image resources used by this SVG file
context.SaveToFile(@"c:\Test\SVG\" + "sample" + i + ".svg"); // image is under the same folder as SVG File
Random FAQ for C# Excel to Vector Image Conversion
Following is one of the random FAQs recommendation for Excel to vector image rendering and converting in C#.NET.
A1: Sometimes, there are some graphs or charts contained in Excel. And I wonder that after we used this Excel Converting SDK to transform Excel to vector image, are the graphs or charts still contained with high quality?
Q1: This C# Excel Rendering and Converting SDK is a high fidelity solution. That means your charts, graphs or even dialogs won't be affected at all during the conversion.

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