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C# Imaging - Callout Annotation in C#.NET

C# Code to Add Callout Annotation to Image Page within .NET Imaging SDK

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C# Image Callout Annotation Overview
Within "RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll", users are able to create a callout annotation while reading, reviewing or processing an image in C#.NET application. extract images from pdf file c# itextsharp, tesseract ocr pdf c#, pdf viewer, itextsharp replace text in pdf c#, barcode scanner library c#, c# tiff reader. This .NET image annotation control supports inserting callout annotation to any document or image format supported by our viewers and SDKs including GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PDF & Word within commonly used .NET programs, like C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms. If you want to get the overview of C# image annotation toolkit, please link to image annotation components in C# program.
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We will show following main instructions of image callout annotation in C#:
  • Callout annotation library benefits and technologies list within C# project
  • How to create a Windows application in Visual C# for adding callout annotation on image
  • Image callout annotation methods and sample codes in C# class
  • Other main image annotation types supported by our .NET imaging annotating SDK
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C# Image Callout Annotation Benefit & Technique
Create Callout Annotation Visual C# Application
Following tutorial shows how to create and run a C# Windows project to annotate image with callout shape by using C# example methods and codes.
  1. Run Microsoft Visual Studio (2005 or later versions);
  2. Create a Windows project in Visual C# language;
  3. Copy your RasterEdge license text to the "Debug" file under "bin" folder of the new created C# Windows project;
  4. Add .NET imaging annotation DLLs to the C# project;
    • RasterEdge .Imaging.Basic.dll
    • RasterEdge .Imaging.Annotation.dll
  5. Declare following image annotating namespace within C# program:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Text;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation;
using System.Diagnostics;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic;
Image Callout Annotation Methods in Visual C#
Following complete image annotating method in Visual C# empower users with great capabilities to change callout annotation shape location, customize annotation font style and modify annotation edge parameter.
public static CalloutAnnotation CreateCalloutAnnotation(float x, float y, float w, float h, string text, Font font, AnnotationBrush 
fontBrush, AnnotationPen outline, AnnotationBrush fill, AnnotationPen leader, float leaderFlatLength, float targetX, float targetY);
Create Image Callout Annotation Example in Visual C#
Comprehensive sample code below can be used directly in users C#.NET applications to create and customize image callout annotation. As for the specific annotation properties, please see the relative C# code.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Text;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation;
using System.Diagnostics;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.Basic;

namespace RasterEdge.Imaging.Demo.Annotation
public class CalloutAnnotationDemo
* SDK Dependency:
* RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.dll

public static void Test()
CalloutAnnotation obj = new CalloutAnnotation();

obj.Text = "This is a Callout annotation";//set the displayig text
obj.TextFont = new Font("Arial", 12.0F, FontStyle.Italic);//set text font

//set filled font property
obj.FontBrush = new AnnotationBrush();
obj.FontBrush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid;//set filled font style
obj.FontBrush.Solid_Color = Color.Blue;//set filled font color

// set annotation size
obj.X = 60.0F;
obj.Y = 45.0F;
obj.Width = 250.0F;
obj.Height = 40.0F;

//set annotation edge property
obj.OutLine = new LinePen();
obj.OutLine.Width = 2.0F;//set annotation edge width
obj.OutLine.Brush = new AnnotationBrush();
obj.OutLine.Brush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid;//set annotation edge style
obj.OutLine.Brush.Solid_Color = Color.Blue;//set annotation edge color

//set filled shape property
obj.Fill = new AnnotationBrush();
obj.Fill.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid;//set filled shape style
obj.Fill.Solid_Color = Color.Gray;//set filled shape color

obj.LeaderFlatlength = 20.0F;//set feeler length

//set leader property
obj.Leader = new AnnotationPen();
obj.Leader.Width = 2.0F;//set leader width
obj.Leader.Brush = new AnnotationBrush();
obj.Leader.Brush.FillType = RasterEdge.Imaging.Annotation.FillType.Solid;//set leader style
obj.Leader.Brush.Solid_Color = Color.Purple;//set leader color
obj.Leader.DashCap = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashCap.Flat;//set leader's line dashcap
obj.Leader.DashStyle = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.DashStyle.Dot;//set leader's line dash style

string folderName = "C:/";
Bitmap img = obj.CreateAnnotation();
img.Save(folderName + "CalloutAnnotation.png");
catch (Exception ex)
Other Main Annotation Types within C# Image Annotation Project
Our C# Imaging Annotating controls allow users to create variable annotation objects to image and document page, including ellipse, freehand, hot spot, line, and more. In addition, the created annotations can be saved as separate images in png, gif, bmp, jpeg and tiff formats by using our C# image saving APIs.

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