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C# Imaging - Add Antique Effect to Image in C#.NET

Apply Vintage & Old Photo Effect to Image, Photo and Picture Using C#.NET Code

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C# Antique Effect Adding Control Overview
This C#.NET antique effect creating library control, a component of RasterEdge .NET image editing SDK, is developed to help .NET programmers edit image files by adding old photo or vintage effect in Visual C# programming way. barcode reader code, c# itextsharp add text to pdf, c# ocr pdf, c# convert image to pdf, pdf to image conversion in, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#. Using this C#.NET antique effect adding component toolkit, C# developers can easily make an image file (like PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG or TIFF) look old and vintage in any .NET applications.
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The following is a key feature list of this C#.NET antique effect creating library add-on. search pdf for text, print pdf to default printer, add text to pdf using itextsharp c#, itextsharp read pdf fields, pdf create thumbnail, c# pdf bookmark, rotate pdf.
  • Built in .NET developing platform and written in 100% managed C# code
  • Standalone C#.NET solution that applies antique effect to target image file without using other image editing software
  • Able to add vintage & old photo effect to over 30 raster image files using C# programming code
  • Perform vintage effect in both ASP.NET web server and Windows application by C# code
To help you have a deeper and quicker understanding of this C#.NET antique effect adding control add-on, we divide this online tutorial page into following sections. mvc pdf viewer, core open excel file, pdf reader in c#, asp net show word document in browser, pdf editor component, preview pdf in, asp net add text to pdf.
  • How to install and use vintage effect creating library control in C#.NET class application
  • C#.NET method to apply aging & antique effect to source image, picture or photo
  • Sample C# code to add vintage & old photo effect to target image file
  • C#.NET antique effect creator control FAQs
  • Usage example of C#.NET vintage effect adding SDK
Apart from this imaging function to add antique charm to picture & photo, RasterEdge .NET Image Editor & Processor SDK also supports other popular image processing functions. For example, C# developers can use C#.NET image sharpening library control to create a more vivid visual impression for source image file.
Add Antique Effect to Image in C#.NET
RasterEdge C#.NET antique effect creating control SDK is extremely easy to use. And in this section, we will guide you how to use this professional image editing library control in your C#.NET class application for adding vintage effect to your image files.
  1. Download and unzip the trial version of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET;
  2. Find following dlls of RasterEdge C#.NET antique effect adding add-on from above mentioned trial package;
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing.dll
  3. Integrate above vintage effect creating dlls into your C# project by adding reference directly;
  4. Place the evaluation license key txt file at your C#.NET project bin folder;
  5. Then you can use RasterEdge antique effect creating control in your C#.NET class application.
C# Method to Create Antique Effect to Image
public static int ApplyAntiqueEffect(REImage img);
C# Demo Code for Adding Old Photo Effect to Image
Here we provide a C# code demo, which aims to illustrate how to create and add visually appealing vintage effect to target image file in .NET Windows application.
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Core;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Codec;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing;

namespace WindowsApplication1
public partial class Form1 : Form
public Form1()

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string fileName = "c:/Sample.png";

REImage reImage = REFile.OpenImageFile(fileName);


REFile.SaveImageFile(reImage, "c:/reimage.png", new PNGEncoder());
If needed, you can find a VB.NET programming sample code snippet at this tutorial page for adding antique effect to image in VB.NET class application.
C#.NET Antique Effect Adding Control FAQs
Q: Using RasterEdge antique effect creating library add-on, can I apply the vintage effect to a batch of image files using Visual C# code?
A: Sorry, the API that RasterEdge C#.NET antique effect creator control add-on has offered can only allow C# developers to edit one image at a time.
C#.NET Antique Effect Adding Application
Although the world is full of colorful images, pictures and photos, people can be also easily touched by some something aged. Among those antique things, old photos, which can be seen everywhere, can always give people a sense of history and arouse them the feeling of nostalgia. Therefore, this C#.NET antique effect creating control add-on is widely used in modern photo editors, which can easily make source image look old, antique and impressive.
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