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C# Raster - Image Draw in C#.NET

Explain How to Draw Text on the image in C#.NET


.NET Imaging SDK provides Visual C#.NET developers and programmers with the most comprehensive and useful image drawing toolkits. add image to pdf using itextsharp, how to convert pdf to jpg in c# windows application, c# split pdf, wpf pdf viewer, c# print pdf without adobe reader, c# code 128. These image Annotation SDK components can be seamlessly implemented into C# image projects with the capabilities of drawing text on image.

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RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK is an advanced image solution in the market. It allows .NET developers to draw images in various .NET Framework applications, especially for C#, VB, .NET Windows Forms and ASP.NET web form applications. For beginners, we provide detailed online image drawing tutorial in each programming environment, please link respectively: VB.NET code to draw image, how to draw text and graphics on image within .NET WinForms project and apply image drawing function in ASP.NET platform. convert pdf to tiff, ghostscript convert pdf to png c#, c# pdf add image, get coordinates of text in pdf c#, convert pdf to image free, convert txt to pdf c#, add text to pdf

Draw Text On The Image In C#.NET

Image draw annotation in C# mainly contains two vital applications, one is drawing specified text object to present image, and the other is drawing multiple .NET graphics on image page.

Below is entire C# demo code to draw text “Your text” as annotation to image. pdf editor control, web image viewer, core mvc view pdf, pdf viewer user control, free pdf preview in asp net c#, itextsharp add image to pdf, remove text from pdf online.

Sample code Draw text on the image:

//New Annotation object
TextAnnotation annotation = AnnotationGenerator.CreateTextAnnotation(10F, 100F, 200F, 100F, "Your text!!", new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 12F));
annotation.FontBrush = new AnnotationBrush();
annotation.FontBrush.Solid_Color = new REColor(Color.Red);
RasterImage img = new RasterImage(@"input.jpeg");
ImageProcess processor = new ImageProcess(img);            processor.DrawAnnotation(handler);