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C# RasterImage - Image LoadOption in C#.NET

How to Load image(s) to memory addition options with C# XImage.Raster SDK.

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Specify Load Options

Load Option(LoadOption) can be used, if desired, to provide specific instructions when loading an image form file or from stream. itext add text to existing pdf c#, c# render pdf, c# compress tiff image, c# tiff, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in c# with example, barcode 128 font c#. If load option is not set, it will load image with the default loadoptions.

General Load Options

CropRectangle. c# print pdf, pdf read, c# pdf add new page, itextsharp add image to pdf, itextsharp remove text from pdf c#, edit pdf, itextsharp tiff to pdf

  Get the cropped image


  Remove alpha channel when loading.


  Anti-aliasing is enabled during a load resize

Maintain AspectRatio

  preserve image aspect ratio when resizing an image


  Set the target resize size when loaded


  load to gray scale


  Load the image as a thumbnail, and set the target thumbnail size preview pdf, how to view pdf file in using c#, show image, asp net show word document in browser, how to write pdf file in c#, mvc show pdf in div, excel viewer c#.


  Set the rotate angle when loaded


  Set the resolution when loaded


  Replace each pixel with its complementary color(white becomes black, yellow becomes blue, etc.)

Image Color Management Loading Options


  Set the color profile included in the image metadata applied when loading the image


  Set the icc profile name to apple to the image when loaded


  Set the specified render intent when loaded

Image Format-Specific Load Options


  Cosited: The Cosited property indicates whether image was compressed with cosited sub-sampling.

  SmoothImage: The Enhanced property specifies whether the JPEG decoder should use enhanced decomposition method.

C#: Construct a LoadOption object

This is a C# programming example for creating a load option object.

LoadOption option = new LoadOption();
option.LoadAlphaChannel = false;