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C# Imaging - JBIG2 Codec in C#.NET

Comprehensive Visual C# Codes for JBIG2 Codec within .NET Imaging SDK

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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET Imaging JBIG2 Codec Overview
As we know, JBIG2 codec can be used as the encoder and decoder implementation of the bitonal JBIG2 images compression format. convert pdf to tiff using c#, pdf viewer control free, read pdf file itextsharp, c# code to compress pdf file, how to make pdf report in c#, c# remove text from pdf. For bi-level images compression and decompression in C#.NET, RasterEdge provides JBIG2 Codec SDK technology in C# class with flexible and great capabilities like listed in the feature module of this page.
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We provide following instructions on how to compress and decompress JBIG2 in C# class:
  • Complete features and implementation requirements of this C# imaging JBIG2 toolkit
  • How to: create and activate a C# Windows imaging program to encode and decode JBIG2 images
  • How to: compress JBIG2 image format within a Windows application in C# language
  • How to: C# demo code to read and get text, color, font, and more information from JBIG2
  • How to: C# method and sample code for users to set and customize JBIG2 codec library
  • More .NET imaging JBIG2 compression and decompression guidance
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C#.NET Imaging JBIG 2 Codec SDK Features
C#.NET Program to Compress and Decompress JBIG2 Images
This part acts as an instruction on how to create and activate a Windows desktop application in Visual C# project. After this, users can simply incorporate RasterEdge JBIG2 codec SDK controls within C# project to encode and decode JBIG2 images. Please do as below.
  1. Download and unzip RasterEdge .NET Imaging free evaluation SDK to your desktop;
  2. In Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, create a C#.NET demo project;
  3. Integrate RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll & RasterEdge.Imaging.jbig2.dll to the C# project by adding project reference;
  4. Activate the "RasterEdge.Imaging License Manager.exe" to generate your unique developer license;
  5. Move license text to the new project folder, together with .NET Imaging SDK DLL(s);
  6. Run RasterEdge .NET Imaging Library & JBIG2 Imaging Add-On Namespace:
using System.IO;
using System.Drawing.Printing;
using RasterEdge.Imaging;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Processing;
using RasterEdge.Imaging.Jbig2;
How to Encode JBIG2 Images Using C# Code
The following C# class code shows how to setup C#.NET Imaging SDK to encode and decode JBIG2 images, including the text, halftone, and generic regions of JIBG2 images.
JBIG2Decoder JBIG2 = new JBIG2Decoder();
How to Get JBIG2 Images Information Using C# Code
The following C#.NET class code shows how to read and get JBIG2 images information, like text, font, color, etc.
JBIG2ImageInfo info = (JBIG2ImageInfo)RegisteredDecoders.GetImageInfo("myimage.jbig2");
How to Reset JBIG2 Decoder Using C# Code
The following C# example code shows how to reset and customize your particular JBIG2 decoder properties.
JBIG2Decoder jpeg =
JBIG2.ScaleFactor = JBIG2ScaleFactor.Half;
More .NET Imaging JBIG2 Compression and Decompression Guide
Below is a list of JIBG2 images reading and writing functions in other .NET imaging environments. Besides JBIG2 format, RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK library also supports compressing and decompressing of Word & PDF documents as well as all the commonly used image formats in moderately high resolution.
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