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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

C#.NET JPEG 2000 Image Compression Codec
This C#.NET JPEG 2000 Image Codec Control Add-on, a 100% clean and managed .NET image solution, is designed to help Visual C# programmers encode & decode (compress or decompress) JPEG 2000 image file in .NET developing environment.
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As this C#.NET JPEG 2000 image compression codec control is a standalone and thread-safe image processing SDK, it will be an quite easy task for C# developers to integrate advanced JPEG 2000 image encoding and decoding features into their C#.NET class applications without depending on other third-party JPEG 2000 related software. merge pdf files itextsharp, search pdf for text, pdf merge and resize, c# convert csv to pdf, how to open password protected pdf file in c#, excel to pdf converter, pdf add pages.
JPEG 2000 / .jp2 (a commonly used image file format for JPEG 2000 compressed data) adopts an international image compression standard which is based on a wavelet compression. pdf to jpg c#, pdf to image converter, print pdf directly to printer, pdf editor in c#, how to read barcode from pdf file c#, c# code 128 reader. Compared with other image compression methods, JPEG 2000 is able to achieve a super high compression while maintaining a high image quality. Developed from JPEG compression, JPEG 2000 supports both lossless and lossy compression mode.
Different from other JPEG 2000 image compression codecs on the market, this C#.NET JPEG 2000 image codec SDK can not only allow developers to compress & decompress JPEG 2000 images but also offer them the ability to define the compression ration (from 1 to 100). multipage tiff viewer, remove text from pdf online, pdf viewer free, asp net core mvc pdf viewer download, show image in gridview c#, free pdf preview in asp net c#, pdf editor control.
This online tutorial page for how to decode & encode JPEG 2000 image file using C#.NET code is divided into following three parts. If you want to see other C#.NET image compression controls, please follow this link to read more about other RasterEdge .NET image SDK supported compression controls.
  • How to integrate this JPEG 2000 image compression & decompression control into C#.NET class application
  • Sample C# code to encode & compress JPEG 2000 image in .NET class project
  • C# demo code to decode & decompress JPEG 2000 image file
Install JPEG 2000 Image Codec in C#.NET
From this section, you will find a detailed guidance on how to use this RasterEdge JPEG 2000 codec for JPEG compression and decompression by Visual C# programming code. Please note that this C#.NET JPEG 2000 image codec control add-on is only suitable for .NET Framework 2.0 and above versions.
  1. Create or set a Visual C# .NET class project using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (or greater versions);
  2. Download the trial package of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET where you can find this C#.NET JPEG 2000 image compression codec add-on;
  3. Integrate following dlls of C#.NET JPEG 2000 image decoder and encoder SDK into your C#.NET class application;
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
    • RasterEdge.Imaging.Jpeg2000.dll
  4. Get the evaluation license of this C#.NET JPEG 2000 image compressing & decompressing SDK and place created "RasterEdgeLicense.txt" at your C# project bin folder where you can find above embedded C#.NET JPEG 2000 image codec dlls;
  5. Call the namespace of RasterEdge JPEG 2000 image compression codec SDK;
  6. Now you can use following sample C# code to decode and encode JPEG 2000 image file in .NET class application.
Encode Image Using C#.NET JPEG 2000 Codec
This C#.NET JPEG 2000 image codec SDK offers easy to use API for users to encode 8-bit grayscale and 24-bit RGB to JPEG 2000 (.JP2) image file. Following demo C# code is used to create a new JPEG 2000 image.
Jp2Eecoder jp2 = new Jp2Eecoder();
Decode Image Using C# .NET JPEG 2000 Codec
The API that this JPEG 2000 image codec SDK has provided can also help C# developers decode and decompress JPEG 2000 image file from local files to 8-bit grayscale, 16-bit grayscale, 48-bit RGB and 24-bit RGB.
Jp2ImageInfo info = (Jp2ImageInfo)RegisteredDecoders.GetImageInfo("myimage.jp2");

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