C# TIFF Image Library
Multi-page TIFF Processing in C#.NET

Edit and Process Multi-page TIFF Image Using C# Code in .NET Application

RasterEdge.com provides mature toolkits for images and documents manipulations in C#.NET applications. Users are able to view, process, convert, annotate, and save various image and document file formats. Most commonly, images and documents like Tiff, Jpeg, Bmp, Png, Gif, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and medical DICOM are supported.

RasterEdge.com aims at developing professional multi-page Tiff processing SDK, which allows C# developers to manipulate single and multiple Tiff files and pages, for instance, adding & deleting Tiff file page, merging and splitting Tiff files, and loading & saving Tiff file to commonly used file formats, like PDF, Bmp, Jpeg, Gif, etc. What's more, image annotating function is seamlessly integrated into XDoc.Tiff for .NET. The high-annotation-usability can be used to markup and draw multiple annotations to Tiff document page, which include callout, freehand, line, highlight, rectangle, ellipse, text, hotspot, etc.

TIFF Page Processing Functions in C#.NET

Tiff function table below displays the main C#.NET Tiff page imaging functions supported by RasterEdge XDoc.Tiff for .NET. We also offers detailed tutorials for Tiff reading in VB.NET, Tiff viewing and processing in Web ASP.NET and multi-page Tiff manipulation in .NET WinForms application. Please note that, for all supported Tiff file page processing, the page number is starting from 0.

Insert Pages into Tiff File

You will see an overview for Tiff page insertion and then get a piece of C# coding example for inserting a new page to a loaded Tiff image file.

Delete Tiff File Pages

On this tutorial, you will be guided to use specific C#.NET API to remove and delete defined pages from a sample Tiff document.

Move Tiff Page Position

C# users are feel free to set and customize a page order for multi-page Tiff document, and then sort target Tiff file with the new order.

Rotate a Tiff Page

A C# demo code is illustrated on this guide. It will help you easily obtain the first page of sample Tiff file and rotate it to 90 degrees in clockwise.

Extract Tiff Pages

C# developers will obtain details for how to load a Tiff image, define some pages for extraction, extract selected pages, and save to a single Tiff file.