Best PDF Viewer Control for ASP.NET, MVC
C#: how to open, merge, combine PDF files, display, view new PDF file in web browser with free demo source code

How to combine pdf files from database, byte array into single PDF file, display the new file in web browser using ASP.NET PDF Viewer Control

About "Combine Files" tool

You can use tool "Combine Files" to combine, merge PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Tiff, image files into a single PDF document.

To show the "Combine Files" tool, you can choose one of the following method.
Choose Toolbar > Pages > "Combine" button
Choose Toolbar > File > File Upload > "Upload your PDF file" button, and click tab "Combine Files to PDF"

Combine, merge multiple files into one PDF file

1. Click button "Add Files...", and select files you want to combine.

2. Click button "Combine Files and Open in Editor". It will combine all selected files into one single PDF file, and displayed in EdgePDF.