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Using C# ASP.NET mvc PDF viewer web control
How to open, load a PDF file from server side file system or database

Load a pdf file from server side file system, database, online file, and view it in EdgePDF

Running EdgePDF Demo Project in IIS

After you download the latest version of RasterEdge.DocImageSDK, then how to implement the same effect with the online demo? Here, you can do it according to the following steps.

  1. In download package, go to EdgePDF ASP.NET PDF Editor demo project folder "/DemoProjects/EdgePDF Demo Project/"

    Copy all contents in the above folder to the location, where you need run the demo project in IIS. For example: C:\\Sites\EdgePDF\.

  2. Copy corresponding DLL (x86 or x64) in the download package to the "Bin" folder of the demo project.

  3. After adding relative dlls, configure the Web.config :
    • If your IIS server .NET framework is 4.0 or higher, please use the Web.config.
    • If your IIS server .NET framework is 3.5 or earlier version, please copy the content in the Web(for .net3.5 or earlier version).config to Web.config.

  4. After above steps, you can deploy your demo web application to IIS server.
    1. Open Internet Information Services Manager;
    2. Right-click "Sites" and select "Add Web Site";
    3. According to your situation, set the "Site name", and set the "Physical path" to the place where you store EdgePDF demo project. Last, set the "Port" that monitors the application.
    4. Click ok to complete deploy your project;
    5. Grant user "IIS_IUSRS" full control permission to folder "{Demo project}/RasterEdge_Cache", where EdgePDF will generate cache files.

  5. Run the web application

How to load PDF document into EdgePDF ASP.NET PDF Editor

To run the following demo code, please do the following steps:

  1. Create and add the follow sample documents to folder "c:\temp\"
    • pdf-1.pdf
    • tiff-1.tif
    • word-1.docx
    • excel-1.xlsx
    • powerpoint-1.pptx
    • jpeg-1.jpg
    • text-1.txt
  2. Make sure IIS application (User: IIS_IUSRS) has the read and write rights to the folder "temp“, and all files inside.

The following guide will help to setup a demo project, which allows you to open a file (pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, tiff, jpeg, text) located under your server file system "C:/temp/", through url:

Next one will allow you to define a new command in EdgePDF toolbar. And you can save modified pdf file to original file location "C:/temp/1.pdf"

Here are the details:

            else if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(request.QueryString["yourtarget"]))

                // load file from your target
                String docid = request.QueryString["yourtarget"];                
                if (docid == null) docid = "0";
                byte[] dataBytes = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes(@"C:\\temp\" + docid);
                String fileName = docid;               
                webDoc = REProcessControl.PageLoadFile(request, this.Manager, dataBytes, fileName);


You can use the "yourtarget" value to id and locate your file from file system or database, and load the file into PDFDocument or BaseDocument object.

  • Now you navigate to "http://localhost/?yourtarget={your file location key, such as '/word-1.docx'}" to open file in EdgePDF editor.
  • You can change http parameter yourterget to other names, like fileid.

Open a PDF from your local file system

Toolbar: File > File Upload > "Upload your PDF file"
Click browser, and select a PDF document from your file system.

Open a PDF from a http url

Toolbar: File > File Upload > "Open an online PDF file"
Input a complete PDF online document url