Using ASP.NET PDF Viewer Control
How to upload, display PDF file, manage cached pdf files in ASP.NET mvc PDF Viewer web control. Free C# open source code.

Free C# open source code to upload pdf file, display pdf from database, and manage cached contents using mvc pdf viewer control.

What contents are in the EdgePDF cached folder?

There are three groups of content inside the cached folder. All of them are stored in the project folder "/RasterEdge_Cache/".

a. "/_log_files/". There are log files created by SDK. You can delete them at any time. It will not cause any problem. However if you have found any bugs, we need those log files to fix the problem.

b. "/base/". Any documents opened by EdgePDF will create a sub folder under "/base/". Before the user can view a pdf file in web browser, the SDK will convert pdf file to those files which can be supported in web browser, such as svg, html, css, image, web font files.

c. "/ufor/". Any user actions on the files are saved on this folder. One user per folder. User actions includes new added annotations, redactions, pdf page process actions.

How to Select a suitable Clean Up Frequency

A quick and simple method, in every 7 days, you can clean up all cached documents, which are loaded 7 days ago.

About Cache Clean Up
As the running time of the application increases, the stored data in the EdgePDF cache folder will gradually grow, (especially in the File Cache Folder and User Cache Folder). The application should clean up these data regularly to avoid too many server’s storage resources are occupied.