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C# PDF Page Processing Control Overview
RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK is a suite of several robust compact dlls, which is designed to offer C#.NET developers an advanced and full imaging solution. Using this .NET Image SDK package, developers are able to load, save, view, convert, annotate, edit, manipulate, compress and watermark source document image file in a programming way. C#.NET PDF reading & processing toolkit, as a component of above mentioned .NET Imaging SDK, owns all basic PDF document reading, viewing, and processing functions. And in this article, we will offer you a detailed instruction on C# PDF page processing functionality.
In modern enterprise's document management system, people often need to process and handle large volumes of multi-page PDF document files. Therefore, a professional PDF document page processing utility will bring much convenience for users to manipulate and manage those PDF files, especially when they are processing some PDF document files that have over 500+ pages.
This C#.NET PDF page processor control add-on, which owns high compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and above versions, aims to provide developers with the mature and easy-to-use methods to edit & process source PDF document file at page level.
C# PDF Page Processor SDK Features
  • Offer mature APIs for C#.NET developers to insert one PDF page into desired location of target PDF file
  • Enable C#.NET developers to change the page order of source PDF document file
  • Allow C#.NET developers to add image to specified area of source PDF document page
  • Easy to merge two PDF documents into one larger PDF file in C#.NET imaging application
  • Able to separate one PDF file into two PDF documents using C#.NET programming code
  • Free to extract page(s) from source PDF file and combine extracted pages into a new PDF file in C#.NET
How to Process PDF Page Using C#.NET
The functions of this C#.NET PDF page processor control can be divided into following four categories. And you can find detailed APIs and sample C# codes for different PDF page processing functions by just following attached links.
C# PDF: Add, Delete, Reorder PDF Pages Using C#.NET C# PDF: Merge or Split PDF Files Using C#.NET
How to insert a page, delete one page and sort the order of source PDF file in C#.NET class application? Online C#.NET guidance for merging two PDF documents into one larger PDF file and splitting a PDF file into two sub-documents.
C# PDF: Add Image to PDF Page Using C#.NET C# PDF: Extract Page(s) from PDF Document Using C#.NET
How to add image of common formats, like png, gif, bmp, tiff and jpeg, to source PDF page with desired position? Guide you to extract specific page(s) from source PDF file and create a new PDF document with those extracted pages in C#.NET.
Other C#.NET PDF Processing Tutorials

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