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Visual C# .NET Web Pages Processing Overview
RasterEdge .NET Imaging Web Viewer SDK library is a mature and reliable solution which empowers client side to process and manipulate web images and document pages. itextsharp read pdf fields, replace text in pdf using itextsharp in c#, pdfsharp html to pdf mvc, c# split pdf itextsharp, itextsharp insert image in pdf, c# datamatrix reader. Specific web image processing functions of viewer include image / page rotating, adding & deleting buttons, etc. If you want to have quick evaluation of our Web Viewer, please see Quick to Run C# Web Viewer Demo Project.
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Our Web Document Viewer Control is written in Visual C#.NET code, and it can be seamlessly integrated into your ASP.NET web application for comprehensive image/page processing. C#.NET users only need to customize corresponding function buttons with JavaScript APIs in your Visual C# program to easily build an amazing web doc viewer with user-defined processing features. vb net generate pdf thumbnail from image, how to add image in pdf header using itext c#, c# code to save word document as pdf, c# edit pdf metadata, convert pdf to svg c#, convert csv to pdf c# itextsharp, pdf to html
RasterEdge's engineers and experts are dedicated to providing the best technologies for imaging processing and operating on the web including HTML5, web services, ASP.NET web forms, and more. best pdf viewer control for, free pdf preview in asp net c#, itextsharp add image to pdf, pdf editor, view pdf in asp net mvc, asp net replace text from pdf javascript, display image. Featured with no external plugin and zero footprint, our Visual C# .NET Imaging Web Viewer empowers users with great capabilities to load and process web documents and images in many modern browsers, like IE7+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
In this page, we will demonstrate how to implement image viewer processing operations within Visual C# web imaging application for developers. Listed below is a simple layout of the guiding page.
  • Web images processing features within Visual C# .NET imaging web viewer control
  • Comprehensive imaging APIs for users to rotate web images or document pages in Visual C#
  • Example for adding and deleting a function button within C# web document viewer
Image Processing Features of C# Web Viewer
  • Developed with RasterEdge .NET core imaging programming technology
  • Free to rotate current web image both in clockwise and counter-clockwise by clicking buttons
  • Add easy-to-use image & page processing buttons within C#.NET Imaging Web Viewer
  • Simple steps to delete one or more image & file page operating button(s) with JavaScript code modification
  • Support most of the mainstream web browsers for image & file processing in C# web doc image viewer
  • Fast image processing speed with outstanding performance in C#.NET web application
Processing Web Image & Page with C# Doc Viewer
In the following sections, we will demonstrate how users can easily process web image or document page within Visual C#.NET Web Document Viewer. Guidance will be provided to show you how to rotate a current file page or image, and how to add or delete a processing button using C# web viewer control.
What's more, if you are also interested in image and document page processing in other Visual .NET applications, we suggest you reading guides for web image viewer processing in Visual Basic .NET program and process web pages within image viewer in ASP.NET application.

Rotating C# Web Image & Document Page

In order to rotate a current web image or document page, users should first integrate RasterEdge Web Document Viewer Control in your Visual C#.NET web application. Then you can add rotation functioning buttons (bound with corresponding rotation JavaScript APIs) to your viewer by customizing JavaScript code in the Default.aspx. Currently you can use the Visual C# Web Document Viewer to add three types of rotation options to your viewer toolbar.
  • btnRotate90: Rotating the currently viewed page/image clockwise in 90 degrees
  • btnRotate180: Rotating the currently viewed page/image clockwise in 180 degrees
  • btnRotate270: Rotating the currently viewed page/image counterclockwise in 90 degrees

Adding & Deleting Buttons in C# Web Viewer

C#.NET users can easily process your web image or document through adding and deleting a function button in the toolbar of your ASP.NET web document viewer. These can be easily done by editing your C# project web page Default.aspx with a few lines of JavaScript codes. In addition to rotation function button, you may add other control buttons to your web viewer toolbar, like annotation & zoom buttons. If you don't need some of them, you can simply add corresponding JavaScript codes to remove the buttons. A sample code for removing function button is provided below.
//Require amplification function buttons
pageToolbarStr += toolbarZoomIn.CreateHtml();

//Does not need "Processing" Forum
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