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How to C#: Resize Image according to Specified Size

Guide for How to Resize Image

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Steps to Resize image

Load an image with RasterImage object.

Create an image processor with ImageProcess object.

Call the method ResizeImage of ImageProcess object to complete the task flopping image.

Save the resized image to an image file on the disk.

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Install XImage.Raster in C# Project

Add necessary references to your C#.NET project. Right-click the project and select "Add Reference..." to locate and add the following DLLs as project references; open source library to print pdf c#, remove pdf password c#, convert image to pdf, c# pdf highlight text, pdf viewer, c# imagemagick convert pdf to png, convert pdf to html




Use corresponding namespaces;

  using RasterEdge.XImage.Raster;

Note: When you get the error "Could not load file or assembly 'RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic' or any other assembly or one of its dependencies. An attempt to load a program with an incorrect format", please check your configure as follows:


       If you are using x64 libraries/dlls, Right click the project -> Properties -> Build -> Platform target: x64.


       If using x86, the platform target should be x86.

How to Resize Image

By using the XImage.Raster SDK, you can modify the image size and orientation by assigning it to the processor. Resize the image(in pixel) according to the specified interpolate method(Interpolate method enumeration). preview pdf in mvc, free tiff viewer, add text to pdf field, asp net core mvc pdf viewer download, pdf editor, pdf viewer c#, how to add header and footer in pdf using itextsharp in

Sample Code (resize current image according to specified size):

RasterImage img = new RasterImage(@"C:\input.tif");
ImageProcess process = new ImageProcess(img);
//Resize all the pages, the target size is 100x100.
process.ReSizeImage(new Size(100, 100), InterpolateMethod.BicubicInterpolatePixel);
//Only resize the second page of the input tif.
process.ReSizeImage(new Size(100, 100), InterpolateMethod.BicubicInterpolatePixel, 1);