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C# TIFF - Add & Burn Image to TIFF File in C#.NET

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Add & Burn Image to TIFF in C#.NET Overview
RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET owns strong C#.NET TIFF document imaging functions, which can help users insert & add a picture, image or logo to the arbitrary position of existing TIFF file page using C# code. edit pdf c#, c# generate barcode from string, how to generate pdf in mvc 4, ghostscript pdf to image, convert pdf to text using itextsharp in, qr code reader camera c#. And with this very high performance TIFF image adding manipulator, C# developers are entitled with external abilities to redact and burn the added image to original TIFF file page for better displaying and further editing.
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In accordance with TIFF compression standards and formats options, C#.NET users can add image or graphics of the formats such as png, bmp, gif and jpeg to TIFF page in a specified location. pdf add page number, convert text file to pdf using c#, itextsharp tiff to pdf, convert pdf to word using itextsharp c#, pdf to image conversion in, export datagridview to pdf in 2008, vb net pdf add pages dynamically. As TIFF file implements several compression mechanisms for embedded image, you can define any supporting type that you like or leave it to the managed code to decide.
Apart from TIFF image adding function, RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK provides a large collection of advanced C#.NET TIFF document and image processing functions, such as HTML5 TIFF image and document viewing, TIFF image processing and manipulating, TIFF image barcode writing & recognizing, pre-processing document images for OCR & TWIAN and even advanced color detection and conversion functions. These powerful collection of image functions can be seamlessly integrated within variable Visual C#.NET applications.
Users can get the following information from this TIFF image adding and burning tutorial:
  • Main features of adding and burning image or picture to TIFF document page in C#.NET project
  • Brief introductions of the TIFFPage and REImage classes in C#.NET Framework
  • API & demo code for adding and burning image to TIFF page in C#.NET application
  • More recommended TIFF processing tutorials in other .NET projects
C# Add & Burn Image to TIFF File Benefit List
  • Easy to implement TIFF page image adding and burning API in your C#.NET application
  • Flexible solutions for inserting and burning image to any target TIFF document page in C# class
  • Support adding image or picture to an existing or new creating blank TIFF page by using C# code
  • PNG, GIF, BMP and JPEG image formats are available for TIFF image adding and burning
  • Variable public TIFF compression standards are offered to satisfy specific image embedding requirements
Related C#.NET Imaging Classes Introduction
Within the procedure of adding and burning image to TIFF page, two C#.NET classes will be used: TIFFPage and REImage.
  • TIFFPage: the super model represents pages contained in a TIFF docuemnt file.
  • REImage: the highest-level model to demonstrate pages in all document file. For instance, TIFF Page & TIFFDocument, PDFPage & PDFDocument, etc.
C# API & Code for Adding and Burning Image to TIFF Page
As a matter of fact, when C#.NET users embed or add an image to a TIFF page, TIFF document compression application is invoked and attended. That is to say, you add a compressed image to target TIFF page finally. And one more notice, image burning technique can work automatically or manually after you have added an image to TIFF page.

TIFF Image Adding & Burning API in C#

public override void AddImage(REImage image, PointF point);

Entire C# Code to Embed and Burn Image to TIFF Page

// load a TIFF document
TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(@"c:\sample.tif");

// get the first page
TIFFPage page = (TIFFPage)doc.GetPage(0);

// load an PNG logo into REImage
REImage imge = new REImage(@"c:\ logo.png");

// add the image to the first page of TIFF document
page.AddImage(imge, new PointF(50, 50));

// save the changed TIFF document
More TIFF Processing Tutorials in C#.NET Projects
Our .NET TIFF Processing Toolkit can be incorporated within a broad range of .NET applications, including VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET and .NET WinForms. The specific TIFF processing functions in these .NET projects contain the new TIFF page inserting, TIFF page deleting, sorting, merging, splitting, extracting, etc.

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