C# TIFF Image Library
TIFF Annotation in C#.NET

How to Create & Add Annotations to TIFF File Using C#.NET Code

C#.NET Annotation on TIFF Image Overview

To help you add some comments, provide some additional information or draw certain markup on source Tiff file, we design a C#.NET Tiff reading & annotating control DLL, RasterEdge.XDoc.Tiff.dll. This C#.NET Tiff annotation control is able to add and modify Tiff document annotations in an extremely easy way. The main supported Tiff annotation types include line, lines, free hand, rectangle, text, arrow, ellipse, highlight, polygon, hotspot, rubber stamp, callout, and embedded image.

C#.NET TIFF Annotating SDK Features

Professional C#.NET Tiff annotating solution that is compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 and later versions

Support adding over 10 annotation types to source Tiff image file using C#.NET code

Created C#.NET annotations can be burnt on the desired location of Tiff image file

Properties of Tiff annotation can be easily customized using C# code, like size and color

The annotation that is created on Tiff image file can be processed as an independent image object

Different annotations can be added to one Tiff page in C#.NET imaging application

Use C#.NET Code to Create & Burn Annotations on TIFF

RasterEdge C#.NET Tiff Imaging Annotator Control supports annotating source Tiff page with over 10 commonly used annotation types, including both graphics and text. In order to help you have a better grasp of how to use RasterEdge C#.NET Tiff annotating control, we here specifically provide you with C#.NET demo code for adding and burning a text annotation object on the first page of Tiff image file.

//open a TIFF file
TIFFDocument tifDoc = new TIFFDocument(@"F:\input.tif");
TIFFPage page = (TIFFPage)tifDoc.GetPage(0);
//create a text annotation
TextAnnotation annotation = AnnotationGenerator.CreateTextAnnotation(10, 100F, 200F, 100F, "www.RasterEdge.com", new System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 12F));
//add it on the page

public override void AddAnnotation(AnnotationHandler annoHandler)

Add annotation on the page.

public void AddAnnotation(AnnotationHandler annoHandler, float zoomValue)

Add annotation on the page.

public override void AddImage(BaseImage image, PointF point)

Add an image on the page with specified location.