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C#.NET TIFF Converter Control Overview
RasterEdge C#.NET TIFF imaging conversion control add-on is a complete and mature DLL assembly, which is mainly designed to help Visual C#.NET programmers convert single or multi-page TIFF image file into other document and image formats. convert word to pdf c# free, read pdf in c#, printing barcode using c#, how to edit pdf file in c#, itextsharp add image to existing pdf, c# load tiff image. Compared with other TIFF conversion SDKs, this C#.NET TIFF converter add-on successfully stands itself out based on its high converting speed and image rendering accuracy.
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TIFF document and its pages can be converted to REImage objects in Visual C#.NET application by using basic and TIFF DLLs of our DocImage SDK for .NET. convert pdf page to bitmap c#, get coordinates of text in pdf c#, c# code to save word document as pdf, c# : winform : pdf viewer, how to create password protected pdf file in c#, excel saveas pdf, convert pdf to bitmap. In RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET, we represent raster image which is described in sample or pixel as REImage. It is similar to the concept of Bitmap in .NET programming and C# developers can get bitmap object from a REImage object.
Besides TIFF conversion to REImage, Rasteredge DocImage SDK for .NET provides straightforward APIs to load, modify, annotate, and save REImage object in Visual C# program, which encapsulates the concept of image encoder or decoder. You can click here to see how to create new REImage object in C#.NET.
Below is a quick navigation of this C#.NET programming tutorial page.
  • Overview of RasterEdge C#.NET TIFF image converter control add-on
  • Mature APIs for rendering TIFF file to REImage in C#.NET
  • Detailed sample C#.NET code to convert TIFF to REImage
C#.NET TIFF to REImage Conversion Features
  • Clean and robust C#.NET TIFF converting solution with reasonable licensing price
  • 100% managed C#.NET solution to render TIFF file to REImage and then convert TIFF file to image files, like png, bmp, gif and jpeg
  • Able to render TIFF file to REImage first and convert intermediate image object(s) to separate svg vector image file(s) using C#.NET code
  • Free to convert multi-page TIFF image file to corresponding multi-page PDF document in C#.NET
  • .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 are all compatible with this C#.NET TIFF converter add-on
C# APIs to Render TIFF to REImage Object
RasterEdge C#.NET TIFF converting process firstly needs an intermediate step, which is converting TIFF document or its page to a REImage collection or an REImage object. Later, convert and save REImage collection or object or other image files.

C#.NET Programming Classes for TIFF Conversion

This C#.NET TIFF converter SDK will successfully render TIFF file or its page to REImage collection or object by using TIFFDocument and TIFFPage as tools, which are programming classes defined by our DocImage SDK for .NET.
  • TIFFDocument: TIFFDocument is a high-level document model for TIFF document file, which contains all information of TIFF image file, including TIFF pages.
  • TIFFPage: TIFFPage is a high-level model to represent pages contained in a TIFF file.

APIs to Convert TIFF to REImage

Here we list detailed C# APIs that you may use to render specified TIFF page(s) into REImage object(s).
REImage ConvertToImage();
REImage ConvertToImage(float zoomValue);
REImage ConvertToImage(int targetResolution);
REImage ConvertToImage(Size targetSize);
REImage ConvertToImageFitWidth(int width);
C# Demo Code to Convert TIFF to REImage
The following C# demo code aims to illustrate the practical application of above APIs for TIFF to REImage conversion.
// load a TIFF document
TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(@"c:\sample.tif");
string thumbnailDirectory = @"c:\thumbnail";

int pageCount = doc.GetPageCount();
for (int i = 0; i < pageCount; i++)
// get TIFF page
TIFFPage page = (TIFFPage)doc.GetPage(i);

// generate thumnail image of 50 pixel wide and 100 pixel high
REImage img = page.ConvertToImage(new Size(50, 100));

// save the thumnail image under the directory
img.Save(ImageType.PNG, thumbnailDirectory + @"\sample" + i + @".png");
Note: The process of converting TIFF page to image object (REImage) is shared by all supported TIFF converting applications. But the process of converting REImage to corresponding document or image format is user-defined. Therefore, to view complete C#.NET TIFF converting tutorial, please follow C#.NET TIFF converting page.

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