C# TIFF Converter Library
How to convert multipage Tiff file to bitmap (bmp) images using C# in ASP.NET web app

C# source code to convert and export to Tiff images to bitmap images in Visual C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Windows application

In this C# tutorial page, you learn how to convert multipage TIFF document to bitmap (bmp) image files in the C# ASP.NET web and Windows application:

  • Easy to convert multipage tiff file in file path, stream object or byte array to to bitmap images
  • Multifunctional TIFF to BMP converting C# library control compatible with both Windows and ASP.NET Web applications

How to compress multipage TIFF file using C#

  1. Download XDoc.TIFF Bitmap Converter C# library
  2. Install C# library to convert TIFF image to bmp file
  3. Step by Step Tutorial


How to convert multipage TIFF image file to bitmap using C# code?

The text and C# source code below explain how to load an existing multipage tiff file and convert it to bitmap images using C# in your ASP.NET MVC, Windows application.

  1. Utilize DocumentConverter.ToImage() to convert an existing tiff file to bitmap image in C# code

String inputFilePath = "C:\\1.tif";
String outputFilePath = "C:\\output.bmp";
//  Convert a TIFF file to BMP
DocumentConverter.ToImage(inputFilePath, outputFilePath, FileType.IMG_BMP);