C# TIFF Image Library
Get Started with TIFF in C#.NET

Provide Free C# Demo Code to Start with Tiff Imaging in .NET Application

C#.NET TIFF Imaging SDK Overview

With the purpose of helping C# developers to decode, read and process TIFF image file in an easier way, RasterEdge designs this C#.NET TIFF imaging SDK, XDoc.Tiff for .NET, which offers advanced and smart APIs for programmers to create, view, manipulate, annotate & save single-page or multi-page TIFF file in C#.NET class applications. In this article, we will give you detailed C# programming example on how to get started with TIFF file imaging, by taking Tiff file appending as an example.

From this C#.NET TIFF imaging tutorial page, you will get guidance on how to get started with TIFF image file from following aspects.

  • How to create a Console application with C# programming language

  • How to start to test XDoc.Tiff for .NET file appending function in C# class

Start to Create a Console Application in C#

  • Start Visual Studio 2005 or any later version;

  • On VS toolbar, click "New";

  • In the pop-up window, select "C# Language" and "Console Application" to create a new sample project.

Start to Test Tiff Imaging Function in C#

Instead of creating a new C# project, you may also open your own project. And then, follow steps below to test Tiff file appending feature of XDoc.Tiff for .NET.

Use C# demo code below to append Tiff image files in your C# class application.

// Load Tiff images from files.
            TIFFDocument doc1 = new TIFFDocument(@"C:\demo1.tif");
            TIFFDocument doc2 = new TIFFDocument(@"C:\demo2.tif");
            if (null == doc1 || null == doc2)
                throw new Exception("Fail to load TIFF Document, pls check file path or others.");

            // Add and append all pages of doc2 to the end of doc1.

public TIFFDocument(string fileName)

Create TIFF Document object from file path.

public override int AppendDocument(BaseDocument appendDoc)

Append new TIFF file to the original one.

public override void Save(string filePath)

Save TIFF document object to the given file path.