C# TIFF Image Library
Insert Page to TIFF File in C#.NET

Sample C# Code for Adding a New Page to TIFF Document

C#.NET TIFF Page Inserting Overview

.NET Tiff processing control, XDoc.Tiff for .NET SDK library, provides fully-functional options for C#.NET developers to manipulate & manage the pages of Tiff document file. This page mainly talks about how to add a new page and pages to Tiff document by using Tiff page insertion API of C#.NET Tiff imaging SDK.

As an excellent image and document viewing and processing provider, RasterEdge is aimed at offering comprehensive and easy-to-use imaging toolkits for developers and end users. RasterEdge XDoc.Tiff for .NET can be easily integrated into commonly used Visual Studio .NET applications, such as Visual C#.NET, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms applications.

In addition to Tiff file page inserting, RasterEdge .NET Tiff processing SDK still empowers developers and end users to do Tiff image rotating, deleting, reordering, extracting, etc. like listed below by using C#.NET class library. If you want to get the overall guide for Tiff page processing, please see Tiff page processing guide in C#.NET.

C# Tiff page processing application - rotate Tiff page

C# Tiff processing application - delete Tiff page

C# Tiff processing application - sort Tiff pages

C# Tiff processing application - extract Tiff pages

How to Insert a New Blank TIFF Page in C#

            // Load a Tiff image file.
            TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(@"F:\input.tif");
            if (null == doc)
                throw new Exception("Fail to load the file !");

            // Construct a Tiff page from a Jpeg image.
            Bitmap img = new Bitmap(@"F:\demo1.bmp");
            TIFFPage page = new TIFFPage(img);

            // Insert the page before page 3. Note, page number is starting from 0.
            doc.InsertPage(page, 2);

public override void InsertPage(BasePage basePage, int pageIdx)

Insert a tiff page to TIFF file at specified position.

public override void InsertPages(BasePage[] Bapages, int pageOffset)

Insert tiff pages to TIFF file at specified position.

public override void AddPage(BasePage newPage)

Add a tiff page to TIFF file, the new page will be the last page of the file

public override void AddPages(BasePage[] pages)

Add tiff pages to TIFF file, the new pages will follow the last page of the file.