C# TIFF Image Library
Install, Deploy and Distribute XDoc.Tiff for .NET

C# Guide for How to Install, Deploy and Distribute XDoc.Tiff for .NET SDK

Please firstly learn what requirements are requested for your computer system. And then, move on to quickly install and integrate XDoc.Tiff for .NET into your C# programming project.

C# Tiff - System Requirements

Windows XP SP3 or any later version

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or any later version

C# Tiff - How to Install XDoc.Tiff for .NET

In your Visual Studio C# project, please firstly add indispensable DLL assemblies (as follows) to your C# project as references. Right-click your C# project and click "Add Reference...". Then,  browse to find and add the DLL libraries to your project;

Following is a free C# demo code for Tiff to Jpeg image conversion. You may copy it to your project to have a test.

// Load your Tiff image file.
TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(@"demo1.tif");
if (null == doc)
        throw new Exception("Fail to load TIFF Document");

// Convert Tiff image file to Jpeg image.
doc.ConvertToImages(ImageType.JPEG, @"", "Page");