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Brief Introduction of C#.NET TIFF Imaging Library
Our C#.NET TIFF Image Processing Library integrates mature and reliable functions for developers to merge or split TIFF file in C#.NET application. You are capable of merging two or more TIFF files into one by using C# code. The splitting function integrated in this Library enables you to divide any target TIFF document pages based on own needs in C#.NET class. c# free pdf viewer, read pdf content, c# add watermark to existing pdf file using itextsharp, how to read data from barcode scanner in c#, itextsharp add text to pdf, c# populate pdf form fields. Moreover, TIFF document page processing is available with this Library, such as inserting blank page, adding or deleting page(s) and sorting pages order.
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On this C#.NET TIFF file merging and splitting guide page, you will get information on design concept and main features of this TIFF Imaging Library for C#, dlls to be used for merging and splitting TIFF document, APIs and demo code for merging TIFF file in C#.NET, API and sample code for splitting TIFF document in C#.NET as well as a list of other TIFF image processing functions in C# application. how to rotate pdf in c#, c# pdf embed font, c# preview pdf document, tesseract c# pdf, c# pdf watermark, convert pdf to jpg using, delete image from pdf.
Design Concept and Features of C# TIFF Imaging SDK
This C#.NET TIFF Imaging Library is designed to help developers complete multiple TIFF image processing tasks using C# programming language in .NET applications, including TIFF files merging, TIFF document pages splitting, adding new page to TIFF document, deleting page(s) from TIFF file and so on. Below is a list of main features of this C# TIFF Imaging SDK.
  • Simple to load the would-be merged TIFF document files in C#.NET class
  • Offer mature APIs for users to combine two or more TIFF files into one in C# application
  • Abe to use designed .NET image saving method to store merged TIFF document in C#.NET project
  • Provide flexible TIFF document pages splitting method using C#.NET programming
  • Easy to split a TIFF document at specified page using C# sample code
  • Support high-speed TIFF document splitting in your Visual C#.NET program
  • Capable of storing the split TIFF files to disk or memory as you wish
DLLs for TIFF Merging and Splitting in C#.NET
If you want to merge two or more TIFF files or split multi-page TIFF document in C#.NET by using our C# TIFF Image Processing SDK, you may download the trial version of DocImage SDK for .NET at first. Then, you can use the following assemblies included in the SDK package for your Visual C#.NET project.
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll
  • RasterEdge.Imaging.TIFF.dll
APIs and Demo Code for TIFF Merging & Splitting
With the following .NET APIs and C#.NET demo code, it will be easy for you to merge TIFF files and create a combined TIFF document in your Visual C# program. Also, splitting a multi-page TIFF file into sub-documents at the page index you specified is also an easy work!

APIs for Merging and Splitting TIFF File(s) in C#.NET

public static void CombineDocument(string[] sourceFiles, string destn);
public static void SplitDocument(string source, int index, string[] fileName);
Please note, in C#.NET project, TIFFDocument object represents high-level model of a collection of pages in TIFF file.

C#.NET Demo Code for Merging & Splitting TIFF File(s)

// split TIFF document into 2 parts and save them back to disk
TIFFDocument.SplitDocument(sourceFilePath, pageIdx, destnsPath);

// combine documents to one and save it back to disk
TIFFDocument.CombineDocument(docList, destnFilePath);
Other TIFF Processing Functions in C#.NET
Apart from TIFF file(s) merging and splitting in C# programming, there are other TIFF image processing functions supported by RasterEdge TIFF Imaging SDK for .NET. Please see as below.

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