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C# TIFF - Modify TIFF Page in Visual C#

How to Modify TIFF Page, Like Inserting, Adding, Deleting & Sorting in C#.NET

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C#.NET TIFF Add-on of RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK empowers users to apply TIFF file page editing and modifying functions in several categories, which include TIFF page(s) adding, inserting, deleting and sorting.
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Integrated with RasterEdge .NET imaging basic and TIFF libraries, users can integrate TIFF processing functions in single or multi-threaded C# application. c# split pdf by bookmark, how to add footer in pdf using itextsharp in c#, how to read data from barcode scanner in c#, pdf editor, c# convert docx to pdf, pdf417 reader c#. In details, you may first load a TIFF document, and then do advanced manipulations, like creating a TIFF file page using an image source file (the source image can be png, bmp, gif or jpeg format), inserting it to TIFF document, removing any redundant or useless TIFF page, and changing the TIFF pages order.
In addition to TIFF page modifier, RasterEdge .NET Imaging SDK comprises of many more TIFF page and document processing and manipulating function components, for instance, extracting page(s) from TIFF document with text & graphics information retained, merging two or more independent TIFF documents into a single one, or on the contrary, splitting a complete multi-page TIFF document into multiple single-page TIFF files, etc. convert pdf to bmp c#, get coordinates of text in pdf c#, how to remove pages from pdf in c#, search pdf for text, c# pdf highlight text, c# send pdf to network printer, itextsharp add text to pdf.
In order to provide users with better guide of C# TIFF file modifying, we design this page as below.
  • C#.NET TIFF Modifier Add-on functions overview
  • Comprehensive C# methods to add, insert, delete and sort order of TIFF page(s)
  • Sample C# code for insert page to TIFF file at index
  • Relevant TIFF page and document manipulation functions in C#
C#.NET TIFF Modifier Add-on Functions - Overview
  • Completely accurate TIFF page editing application which is compatible with C#.NET class and console controls
  • Add or insert single blank TIFF page into an exsisting TIFF documentin C# at a time
  • Able to create a new TIFF page with an image file and add it to any location of TIFF document
  • Delete any target TIFF page from TIFF document file at index using C#.NET programming
  • Change and sort TIFF file pages order based on particular needs
  • More TIFF document processing and manipulating functions in C#
C# APIs & Demo Code for TIFF Page Modification
This part mainly tells about the fully managed .NET APIs and sample code in C#.NET class for how to do TIFF page modifications, including page adding, inserting, deleting, and sorting.

APIs Used For TIFF Page Modification in C#

public override void InsertPage(BasePage tifpage, int pageIdx);
public override void AddPage(BasePage newPage);
public override void DeletePage(int pageIdx);
public override void SortPage(int[] orderPageIdxs);

Sample Code for Inserting TIFF Page in C#

// load a TIFF document
TIFFDocument doc = new TIFFDocument(@"c:\sample.tif");

// insert page at index;
doc.InsertPage(page, index);

// save the changed TIFF document
Relevant TIFF Manipulating Functions in C#
With RasterEdge .NET TIFF Imaging SDK, users can apply TIFF page and document annotating, converting and compressing functions in Visual C# application as well.

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