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C# TWAIN - Device Control for Image Scanning

How to Perform C# TWAIN Image Scanning Process Using Device Object

C# TWAIN Image Scanning Device Control Overview

Using our C#.NET TWAIN device control program, developers are able to use the device object to control the TWAIN scanning process in C#.NET application so as to get better scanning effect. All device objects come from the Acquisition object. Before querying and setting capabilities supported by the TWAIN device, developers need to open connection to the TWAIN device. When the scanning process is over, developers have to close connection to the TWAIN device. add watermark to pdf c#, create barcode image in c#, pdfsharp replace text c#, asp.net pdf editor control, vb.net read pdf fields, c# remove text from pdf. With this C#.NET TWAIN device control program, automatic scanning and duplex scanning can be realized if necessary. Moreover, developers have the capability to specify the size and location for TWAIN image scanning using C# class.

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The Device object is the class used to conduct TWAIN scanning process in C#.NET programming. You are able to get an instance to a Device object from the Device collection in the Acquisition object other than directly creating an instance of it because it only represents a system device resource. To control the scanning process, you may need to add these dlls (RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll and RasterEdge.Imaging.TWAIN.dll.) to your C#.NET TWAIN project. itextsharp insert image in pdf vb.net, vb.net pdf merge and compress, vb.net pdf editor, convert multipage tiff to pdf c#, vb.net pdf to tiff, c# pdf highlight text, vb.net change pdf metadata.

C# TWAIN Image Scanning Device Control Functions

Entirely compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions for C#.NET programming

Able to get Device object from acquisition to control the scanning process in C#.NET

Support open and close connection to TWIAN devices in C#.NET application

Quickly get and set TWAIN device supportive capabilities, compression modes, resolutions, etc

Have automatic capturing and duplex scanning properties that enables the TWAIN device to capture image quickly

C# TWAIN Image Scanning Device Control APIs

We provide detailed APIs for controlling the TWAIN image scanning in C#.NET application, such as API for obtaining the Device object, API for opening connection to TWAIN device, API for closing connection to TWAIN device. In this section, we just give you brief introductions of some APIs. asp.net mvc open word document in browser, asp.net multipage tiff viewer, asp.net core pdf preview, asp.net pdf viewer control, mvc pdf viewer free, show image in repeater asp.net, asp.net core pdf editor. To know more details of all APIs, please refer to our TWAIN demo project in the downloaded package.

// Get the Device project.
Device Acqusition.ShowSelectSource();

// Open connection to TWAIN device.
void Device.Open();

// Close connection to TWAIN device.
void Device.Close();

C# Guides for Realizing TWAIN Scanning Device Control

Get Device Object Through Acquisition

If you want to use the Device object to control Visual C# TWAIN image scanning process, you may have to get the Device object through acquisition in C# at first. Please click for more details.

Open and Close Connection to TWAIN Device

C# developers may need to open connection to TWAIN device before querying the device abilities. When all of the images have already been acquired, it is required to close the connection. Here is such a tutorial can help you do this work.

Query TWAIN Device Abilities

Here is a specific guide page of checking what capabilities, compression modes, frame sizes, resolutions and other properties are supported by the TWAIN device.

TWAIN Image Featured Scanning

Through our C#.NET TWAIN device control program, automatic image capturing and duplex scanning can be realized. Please go to TWAIN featured scanning C# tutorial page to know more information.

Specify TWAIN Image Scanning Size & Location

Our C#.NET TWAIN device control program enables you to select a specific TWAIN scanning area or page size in C#, which will help you accelerate your TWAIN image scanning.