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C# TWAIN - Featured TWAIN Scanning in C#

Featured TWAIN Image Scanning & Acquiring for in Visual C# .NET Application

C# TWAIN Featured Image Scanning

RasterEdge C# TWAIN image scanning library add-on can not only allow developers to complete a basic image scanning process but also help them customize TWAIN image acquisition process. In this online C# programming guide page, we will list three mature C# TWAIN image scanning features, which are duplex scanning, automatic scanning and imprinter method. how to generate barcode in c#.net with sample, vb.net adobe pdf sdk, how to read pdf file in asp.net c#, convert pdf to tiff using itextsharp c#, how to convert pdf to jpg in c# windows application, code 39 c# class. If you want to add these featured TWAIN scanning functions using VB.NET, please follow this link to VB.NET TWAIN featured scanning tutorial. But before giving you detailed instructions on these special C# TWAIN scanning features, we will firstly offer you guidance for adding C# TWAIN image featured scanning functions to source imaging application.

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Before using these special C# TWAIN image scanning functions for creating customized image acquisition process, you have to make sure the source TWAIN device supports these featured image scanning functions itself. That is to say, you can use above mentioned special image scanning features only when these features are included as properties of target TWAIN compatible device. c# itextsharp read pdf table, c# itextsharp rotate pdf page, c# pdf highlight text, convert excel to pdf using vb.net, c# create pdf, c# remove pdf metadata, c# remove images from pdf.

Then how to find out whether those featured scanning functions are supported by target TWAIN device in C#? asp.net tiff image viewer, asp.net pdf viewer c#, how to write pdf file in asp.net c#, asp.net itextsharp add image to pdf, preview pdf in asp.net mvc, mvc display pdf from byte array, asp.net display image from byte array. RasterEdge C# TWAIN image scanning SDK allows you to query TWAIN device capabilities after you open a connection to source Device object. You can read more detailed guidance at this tutorial page of how to get & set TWAIN device abilities using C# code.

Demo Code: Duplex Scanning Feature for C# TWAIN Acquisition

This TWAIN image scanning feature allows C# developers to scan two sides of source document file. Here we provide C# demo code on how to query and set duplex scanning feature using our .NET TWAIN image acquisition control add-on.

public void SetDuplexScanning(Device device)
   device.Duplex = true;

Demo Code: Automatic Scanning for C# TWAIN Capturing Application

With this automatic scanning feature, you do not need to deliver source multi-page document for scanning page by page in a manual way. This C# TWAIN automatic scanning function allows developers to start an auto image capturing to acquire desired number of pages. Besides, the time gap between two captures can be also self-defined using C# code. In C# auto image scanning process, you can finish, cancel or handle image acquiring event by adding corresponding event handler. Please view detailed C# programming sample in following code table.

public void AutomaticScanning(Device device)
   device.AutoScan = true;

   acquisition.ImageAcquired += new ImageAcquiredEventHandler(acquisition_ImageAcquired2);

   acquisition.AcquireFinished += new EventHandler(acquisition_AcquireFinished);

   acquisition.AcquireCanceled += new EventHandler(acquisition_AcquireCanceled);

   // start an auto capture to capture 10 image.time gap between every two captures is 1 second.
   device.StartAutomaticCapture(@"c:\CapturedImage\", 1, 1, 10);

static void acquisition_AcquireCanceled(object sender, EventArgs e)
   Console.Out.WriteLine("Acqusition Canceled");

static void acquisition_AcquireFinished(object sender, EventArgs e)
   Console.Out.WriteLine("Acquisition Finished");

static void acquisition_ImageAcquired2(object sender, ImageAcquiredEventArgs e)
   //do something here.

Demo Code: Imprinter Method for Visual C# .NET TWAIN Scanning

This C# TWAIN image imprinter method allows developers to stamp a text string on acquired image object during TWAIN image acquisition process. This featured C# TWAIN image scanning function contains the APIs, using which you can adjust the position where the text string will be stamped and using which you can set the way that stamped text will be displayed, like showing stamped text in single line, compound or multi-line. Following is a C# programming sample code for imprinting image during TWAIN acquisition.

public void ImprintOnScanningImage(Device device)
   device.SetImprinterEndorser(ImprinterEndorserType.EndorserBottomAfter, ImprinterEndorserMode.SingleLine, "Sample");