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How to C#: Basic SDK Concept of XDoc.Word

Introductions to Classes and APIs Included in XDoc.Word for C# Programming

C#.NET Word document SDK, RasterEdge XDoc.Word is a mature and reliable third-party document imaging toolkit, designed particularly for manipulating and managing single-page and multi-page Word document. c# itextsharp read pdf image, c# excel to pdf, create and print pdf in asp.net mvc, how to add image in pdf header using itext c#, edit pdf c#, how to search text in pdf using c#. This Word document SDK provides Visual C#.NET developers with various classes to convert, process, edit, and annotate Word document from local file or byte stream in C#.NET class applications.

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This guide page provides C# users with detailed explanations for basic SDK concepts of XDoc.Word, which include main functionality, corresponding programming classes and usage. c# convert pdf to svg, get coordinates of text in pdf c#, convert pdf to jpg c# itextsharp, c# change text in pdf, how to create a thumbnail image of a pdf c#, split pdf using c#, vb.net change pdf metadata. Please see details as below.

Functionality and Classes

Classes Usage

How to C#: XDoc.Word Functionality & Classes

The main functionality of XDoc.Word for .NET can be divided into nine aspects. Please see detailed introductions and respective C#.NET programming classes.

Word Convert

C# programmers can convert Word to Jpeg, Bmp, Png, Gif, Tiff, Raster Image files and PDF document. Conversely, conversion from PDF to Word (.docx) is also supported.

  Class: DOCXDocument, DOCDocument

  Convert To Image API: ConvertToImage()

  Convert To Document API: ConvertToDocument()

  File & Page Process

Programmers can also perform various Word file and page editing in C# project. For example, you may easily create, load, combine, and split Word file(s), and add, create, insert, delete, re-order, copy, paste and save Word page(s), etc.

  Class: DOCXDocument

  Class: DOCXPage

Text Search

Following classes will be used in your program. And Word file text processing like text writing, extracting, searching, etc., are easy to be implemented.

  Class: DOCXDocument


XDoc.Word for .NET allows C# developers to edit hyperlink of Word document, including editing Word url links and quick navigation link in bookmark/outline.

  Class: HyperlinkEntry

  Annotate Document

Various type annotations can be integrated into your C# project, such as annotation creating, deleting, modifying, importing, exporting, and so on.

  Class: DOCXDocument

  Class: DOCXPage


You can generate thumbnail image(s) from Word file for quick viewing and further manipulating.

  Class: DOCXDocument, DOCDocument

How to C#: XDoc.Word Classes Usage

RasterEdge XDoc.Word for .NET provides users with various robust C#.NET classes for high performance Word document manipulations. We will explain all of them in this part.


The DOCXDocument class presents a Word file and provides the properties, methods and events necessary to load a Word document from file or query data and save the Word document.


The DOCXPage class presents a single page in a DOCXDocument object and provides the properties and methods to process the data of a page.


The DOCXContext class encapsulates a list of drawing methods to build a new Word file.


This class describes a hyperlink entry in the document.


This class describes bookmarks in a Word document.