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If this is your first time to use our DocImageSDK, we strongly suggest you reading How to Start first!

Render Word to Raster Images in C#
Word Document Add-on Library of RasterEdge DocImage SDK for .NET is well designed to empower users to create comprehensive C# Word Windows and web converting applications. insert image into pdf, create pdf, asp net mvc 5 pdf viewer, c# pdf to image nuget, itextsharp edit existing pdf c#, c# pdf 417 reader. With this C#.NET Word rendering and converting solution, users are capable of converting Word document to raster images.
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To be specific, we support rendering and converting Word document page to these raster image formats in C#.NET program: standard image compression format - JPEG, bitmap image file format for lossless, portable, well-compressed storage of raster (bitmap) image form - PNG, bitmap image format developed by CompuServe and popular for its LZW data compression - GIF, and standard image file format on Microsoft Windows operating systems - BMP. generate pdf thumbnails, c# itextsharp rotate pdf page, convert pdf page to image, pdf api, c# pdf annotation, reduce pdf file size vb net, pdf to html
What makes our C# Word converter outstanding in the market is that this Word document converter is easy to configure and it can be used independently without using any third-party plugins. view tiff image, core pdf preview, pdf viewer, pdf editor, mvc display pdf in partial view, open word file in c#, display excel spreadsheet. Furthermore, users have access to many other amazing Word document viewing and manipulating functions, such as Word annotating, processing, barcode reading & generating, etc.
Article layout of this Word to raster images conversion guide page.
  • Main function list of Word to raster images rendering and converting in C#
  • C# APIs for converting Word document to raster images
  • Comprehensive C# sample code for Word to raster PNG image conversion
C# Word Conversion to Raster Images Function List
  • Easy to render Word document (pages) to an image collection first in Visual C# programming
  • Convert rendered image collection to supported raster images in C# at a time, including JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF
  • Highly customizable Word document rendering application supports defining any target Word page to be rendered and converted
  • Free to control Word converting progress by setting options like image size or resolution in C#.NET
  • Provide C# programmers with affordable licenses for DocImage SDK for .NET Core DLLs and Word Add-on DLL
C# APIs for Converting Word to Raster Images
Actually, there are two steps for implementing conversion from Word to raster images (JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF) in C#.NET. Firstly, use .NET rendering APIs to render all pages or a specific Word page to our designed REImage collection/object. And then, use REImage as intermediate transit to convert Word page(s) to supportive raster image formats. C#.NET users can implement following APIs to your C# application to work out these two procedures for Word conversion to raster images.
// in DOCXDocument
void ConvertToImages(ImageType target, String directory, String fileName);
void ConvertToImages(ImageType targetType, float zoomValue, String directory, String fileName);

// in DOCXPage
void ConvertToImage(ImageType toType,String filePath);
void ConvertToImage(ImageType toType, float zoomValue, String filePath);
C# Sample Code for Converting Multi-page Word to Raster PNG Images
The following code tab contains comprehensive Visual C#.NET sample code for conversion from Word document to raster PNG images. If you want to get more tutuorials for converting Word to other files, please see Word document to TIFF image conversion in C#.NET, Word document to vector SVG image conversion in C#.NET and Word conversion to PDF document in C#.NET.
// load a Word document
DOCXDocument doc = new DOCXDocument(@"c:\sample.docx");

// convert all Word document pages to PNG files
// page index will automatically append to the file name
doc.ConvertToImages(ImageType.PNG, @"c:\Test\", "sample");

// convert single page to PNG
DOCXPage page = (DOCXPage)doc.GetPage(0);
page.ConvertToImage(ImageType.PNG, @"c:\Test\sample1.png");

// convert to PNG with a zoom in factor of 2f
page.ConvertToImage(ImageType.PNG,2f, @"c:\Test\sample1.png");

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