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How to Complete Image to Byte Array Conversion in VB.NET Programming

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

This Image Conversion Library for VB.NET is a professional tool that enables you to convert different images to byte array and vice versa through VB.NET programming. There are many reasons for converting image to byte array. For example, by converting image to byte array, you are able to show your image on web page without the need of storing the image to web server. how to convert html to pdf using itextsharp in, mvc pdf viewer control, c# read pdf to text, c# pdf editor, c# split pdf into images, convert tiff to pdf c# itextsharp. Byte array can be compressed and preserved in other data types with simple operation. Moreover, image can be stored as binary file in database and then sent to other systems through remoting operation if it is converted into byte array. upload and view pdf in asp net c#, c# pdf stamp, pdfsharp pdf to image, convert powerpoint to pdf c#, how to add header and footer in pdf using c#, c# pdfsharp merge pdf sample, change pdf metadata.
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Some developers often find it difficult to convert image to byte array in VB.NET programming. But with our VB.NET Image Conversion SDK, you will feel quite easy because this SDK is exclusively designed for VB.NET programming and it provides easy to use APIs. pdf editor component, multipage tiff viewer with thumbnails, core mvc view pdf, preview pdf, open excel file in browser, asp net remove image from pdf, how to display pdf file in c#. In this page, we will give you a detailed description of how to use this VB.NET Image Conversion Control to convert image to byte array. Image in different formats can be converted into sequence of byte array in VB.NET class. VB.NET demo code in this page can be used freely.
Image to Byte Array Conversion SDK Features
As a mature and advanced component, this Image to Byte Array Conversion SDK for VB.NET is equipped with some outstanding features. Below is a list of its main features.
  • A standalone component that allows VB developers to conduct image to byte array conversion without using external tool
  • Compatible with .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions and common operating systems entirely
  • Support creating VB.NET project in Visual Studio 2005 or above to convert image into byte array
  • Able to complete image to byte array in Visual Basic .NET application at high speed
  • Support convert image in multiple formats to byte array in VB, like PNG, GIF, TIFF, etc
  • Capable of converting DOCX, DOC or PDF document into image using VB.NET code
  • Provide royalty-free and permanent license for this VB.NET Image Conversion SDK
Convert Image to Byte Array in VB.NET
Converting image to byte array using this Image Conversion Control for VB.NET only costs developers a bit of time and effort. This section will demonstrate how to integrate this Control into your VB.NET application to finish image to byte array conversion. In the first place, you need to add RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll to your project reference. Then, you can copy the following VB.NET demo code to your application. Demo code below is used to convert a PNG image to byte array. You can also use other image formats as the original images, such as TIFF, BMP, GIF and JPEG.
     Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Core
Imports RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.Codec

Namespace RE__Test
Public Partial Class Form1
Inherits Form
Public Sub New()
End Sub

Private Sub button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
Dim fileName As String = "c:/Sample.png"

Dim reImage As REImage = REFile.OpenImageFile(fileName)
Dim bytes As Byte() = REFile.GetByteArrayFromImage(reImage, New PNGEncoder())

Return bytes

End Sub
End Class
End Namespace
The above are detailed VB.NET example of converting an image to byte array in VB.NET application. Image to byte array conversion in other applications are also supported by RasterEdge .NET Image Conversion SDK. You can convert image to byte array in Visual C#.NET application by using our Image Conversion Library for C#. A step-by-step guide is also offered online to help C# developers.
Conversion from Image to Other Formats in VB
Although converting image to byte array is useful in various scenarios, the function to convert image to stream has also been widely used. Therefore, this VB.NET Image Conversion SDK is designed with the capacities to help developers convert image to byte array and convert image to stream. If necessary, you can also use this VB.NET Image Conversion Control to convert Word or PDF document to image file in VB.NET application. Using our Control to conduct image conversion in VB.NET is the easiest way.
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