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How to Convert Word (DOC/DOCX) to Image by VB.NET Programming Code

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To get started with DocImage SDK for .NET, you are supposed to read VB.NET Imaging: Get Started first!

VB.NET Word to Image Converting Application
This VB.NET Word to image converter control SDK, which is written in 100% managed C# code and completely built in .NET Framework application, is designed to offer VB.NET developers following two Word to image converting solutions. c# tiffbitmapdecoder example, how to read pdf file in c#, convert pdf to tiff using c#, pdf editor component, add image to pdf, pdf417 barcode reader c#.
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  • Solution 1: Convert all Word document pages to separate image file formats at once using a simple snippet of VB.NET code
  • Solution 2: Convert one Word page, which can be accurately selected from a multi-page Word document file, to desired image file format using VB.NET code programmatically
This online tutorial article for VB.NET Word to image conversion contains following five sections. mvc display pdf, add text to pdf field, display image in gridview vb, how to edit pdf file in c#, c# pdf viewer, best pdf preview in asp net c#, view excel in browser.
  • Feature list of this VB.NET Word to image converter control add-on
  • Function instructions on VB.NET Word to image converting dlls
  • Methods illustration on how to convert Word to image in VB.NET imaging application
  • VB.NET code demo for Word to image conversion in .NET Framework project
  • Reasons for VB.NET Word to image conversion
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VB.NET Word to Image Converter SDK Features
  • Clean VB.NET Word to image converting SDK that can be used in all .NET developing applications
  • Allow developers to convert both DOC and DOCX Word file to common image file formats using VB.NET code
  • Converted image file preserves all the original content of source Word document file in VB.NET, like text, images and tables
  • Support converting Word document file to png, gif, jpeg, bmp or tiff file in VB.NET imaging application
VB.NET DLLs for Word to Image Conversion
In this section, we briefly talk about the functions that these two Word to image converting dlls have owned. RasterEdge.Imaging.MSWordDocx.dll owns unique Word document decoding and encoding functions, which allows VB.NET developers to open Word document without having any dependency on Microsoft Office tools. RasterEdge.Imaging.Basic.dll can be used to interpret and process image files in .NET developing application. Therefore, using this VB.NET Word to image conversion SDK, developers are allowed to edit converted image file, like image sharpening and image cropping.
VB.NET Methods to Convert Word to Image
This is the essential working process of this VB.NET Word to image converter SDK: Decode Word document file to REimage and encode converted REimage to image file format.
' Render Word document to get a REImage collection, or choose a specific Word page to render Private Sub New(imgs As List(Of REImage))
End Sub
Private Function GetPage(pageIndex As Integer) As BasePage Implements DOCXDocument.GetPage
End Function
Private Function toImage() As BaseImage Implements DOCXPage.toImage
End Function
Private Function toImage(width As Integer, height As Integer) As BaseImage Implements DOCXPage.toImage
End Function

' Convert rendered REImage into image format using image converting API
Private Sub Convert(s As Stream, format As ImageFormat) Implements REImage.Convert
End Sub
VB.NET Sample Code for Word to Image Conversion
Here we provide you a complete VB.NET code demo, which demonstrates how to convert all Word pages to tiff images and save converted image files to desired PC folder.
Public Function FromDOCXToTIFF(wordFilePath As [String]) As TIFFDocument
Dim imageCollection As New List()
Using doc As New DOCXDocument(wordFilePath)
'Render DOCXPage to REImage
For i As Integer = 0 To doc.GetPageCount() - 1
imageCollection.Add(DirectCast(doc.GetPage(i).ToImage(), REImage))

End Using

' Construct TIFFDocument from image obtained from rendering DOCXPage
return newTIFFDocument(imageCollection)

' You can also specify which compression to use for each tiff page if you have a preferred one
' List tifCompressionList = new List();
' tifCompressionList.Add(TIFFCompression.CCITT1D);
' return new TIFFDocument(imageCollection,tifCompressionList)

End Function
Reasons for VB.NET Word to Image Conversion
In this part, we aim to answer the question of why do we need to convert Word document to image file formats. In order to help you have a deeper understanding of this question, we will list two practical cases here.
Case 1: Suppose that you need to present the information of source Word document file with Microsoft PowerPoint, what can you do? Obviously, retyping the text information in PPT slide is not so ideal, especially when there is graphic content in source Word document file. On the contrary, if you convert the Word page to image file, you can easily insert it into your PPT.
Case 2: Suppose that you are going to publish the source Word document content in web site, what can you do? Of course, you can directly upload this Word file to your web server. But there are two shortcomings for this method. One is the web viewer crash issue and the problem of slow file loading speed when people try to view this Word file through the Internet. The other one is the copyright issue (for example, the Word content can be easily copied by just copying and pasting). Compared to this method, uploading an image file to web server will prevent above mentioned problems.
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